Etude House Global store is now open !

Since I am feeling quite productive, I wanted to write about Etude House Global.

They opened their first global online store this October :


I usually buy my Etude products online.
At first on Ebay, you can really find a lot on auction and sometimes get great deals.
That’s how I discovered : I bought some stuff from their Ebay store and  a couple of weeks later, they informed me of their own store.

Etude House also have an official store on Ebay, their prices are higher than other resellers but the products are genuine.

I bought from their Ebay store a couple of times and they didn’t give a lot of samples, unlike other stores.

Let’s talk about their official store.
What made me try to purchase from their store was the opening offers they had :
– a pink eco bag for their 10th year
– a pack of sample of Etude house products
-a 10% discount code via their facebook
– every week a star product was in promotion

Please be informed that the shipping fees are calculated after : you can add the items in your basket and you can request for a quote.


I was lucky enough to be part of the first 1000 customers and was able to add the sample pack and the eco bag.

I purchased Wonder Pore freshner of 250ml and two yogurt mask.

All in all my order cost me 22USD, thanks to the 10% discount.

Shipping from South Korea to Belgium took around two weeks.


Funny thing is that they put they put the value of the item at 9.99$.

Etude box is really cute , I like their Pink Princess theme.



The box was small but everything was nicely packed.


The sample pack and my freshner bubbled pack.


Here is the content of my pack :
– Wonder Pore 250 ml
– 2×2 mask pack
– Etude sample pack
– Etude house eco bag

Here is a better view of the cute eco bag I got, along with the samples.


I don’t think I will buy from their official store quite often , even though the items  are quite cheap, the shipping isn’t. Plus there wasn’t any additional samples.

I will stick to stores such as beautynetkorea and ebay, or when I go shopping in Korea :p

But if there are cute goodies … they mighy get me again.

Yes I am a shopaholic!

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