Boozyshop online store review

Hey all,

Here is a new review, this time it’s for a store that sells European and American brands.

Boozyshop is based in the Netherlands, and if you are from Belgium shipping is free once you reach 50€.


I found this store a couple of years ago as they are an official reseller of Sigma brushes.

They do have quite a range of nice products so I recommend this store, plus they usually have some items on sale.

They even have secret boxes where you can discover new products at a nice price.

Another advantage on this site is that you can pay with your maestro card. This is good if you don’t have a credit card, or if you don’t want to use your PayPal account.

I placed my order at the end of the week and my order was dispatched the next week.

Shipping was free as I purchased for 52€, please note that the package is not sent by registered mail.


Here is my order!

You can recognize your box as it is always nicely packed and the Boozyshop tape secures your order.


When you open the box you’ll find their “thank you” note and peanut packaging.


Below that you will find your order will be placed in a pink plastic bag. Yes Boozyshop LOVES pink 🙂


The content of my package :


– Zoeva classic eye brush set 39€
– Ecotool portable lip brush 5€
– Boozyshop Eggbrush 5€
– Queen Helene mud pack 4€

I purchased the Zoeva brushes as they were getting rave reviews. Plus I found it was cheaper to buy it from this store than their official store and from Beautybay.

All in all, Boozyshop is a nice store and really worth it for people from Belgium and the Netherlands.
They even have physical spots in some stores in the Netherlands.

If you are looking to buy Sigma or Zoeva brushes, Boozyshop is a great place to go to!

If you have any comments or questions, do let me know 🙂

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