Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner review

Haha me again!

If you’ve been stalking/following me on my instagram, you might have noticed that I am using new products for my face since the season is changing.


I am still using them but will only review them after at least one month of usage to have a better insight!

There is one product I do not take out of my routine, that’s my Etude’s Wonder Pore Freshner.

What is a “Wonder Pore Freshner”?


It’s actually kind a 1 in all products, it has multiple purposes.

I use it as a no wash cleanser/ toner every night.
Yes you read right I do not wash my face with water at night.
That is because I usually do not wear face makeup.
If I am wearing CC cream the I will first wash my face with my oil cleanser and then with this “freshner”.

The texture of this product is like water, it is not thick or slimy.
I opted for this as I previously used a japanese peeling water, which is unfortunately no longet available online.

My first freshner was purchased through Gmarket. Then in the Philippines and Korea.
My last one was from Etude’s online store.

This item is really worth it as my 500ml bottle can usually last me for at least 6 months!

They sell this in 250ml bottle as well.
If you want to try it out, I found that Beautynetkorea sells the sample bottle, I think it’s either 10ml or 25ml.
That is a least a week usage.

Etude has changed the packaging and promises of the product.


Here is a close look on the bottle.


Here is a comparison of the promises.


I think the new and improved formula is still the same.
It just has a hint of “mint” where you can feel your skin feels a bit more fresh than the previous formula.
Just a couple of seconds longs.

It still cleanses my face like it used to, I will spare you my dirty cotton.

The product is hygienic as it is a push spray.


I use 3 sprays for my face and neck and then I am ready for my next step.

I like this product as it never broke me out, my pores are smaller and it cleanses my face.

This is also pretty cheap : my 500ml cost me I think around 15000 ₩ and it came with 50 cotton pads. Online it will cost around 10$ to 20$.

If you are looking for a toner/ cleanser/ refresher/ pore thightening/ etc… this is worth a try.

Let me know what you think!

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