Wahoo I won another prize !

Omg this is the best way to wake up!

The first email I got was from 11street , it’s like Gmarket another online store.

They held a contest back in November to celebrate their second aniversary.


I actually don’t remember what was the procedure, as I kind of forgotten all about it.

I stumbled accross 11street because I was searching for reviews of a beauty product.
Since they had this special event, I decided to create an account and check out the prices and their items on sales.

It’s pretty much like gmarket … and shipping to Belgium is still hella expensive … so I passed on ordering.

Anyway I’m happy to find out that I won a prize!


This is what I’ll be receiving soon, a Tony Moly Intense care 24k gold snail cream !!!



It’s apparently an expensive product … and I would have never thought of buying this … too scared of the snail extract.

Anyway as soon as I receive it I will post it up!

Until next time and a BIG THANK YOU to 11STREET !!!

Pssst … is anyone watching Superman returns? I have this huge baby crush on Il Gook’s triplets : Dae Han Minguk and Manse … and on the dad too hehehe


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