11st prize : TonyMoly intense care gold 24k snail cream

Hey guys,

Remember my post a couple of weeks before when I said I won a price on 11st?

Well here it is!


It arrived in Belgium in two weeks, I didn’t have to pay any customs fees … but customs did open the box … and I feel they opened the item as well.


Belgian customs … my sworn enemy… GRRRRR

Just a small reminder back in November, 11st had a special contest because it was their ×’st anniversary.


11st is a Korean online shop just likr Gmarket.

I won a TonyMoly Snail cream.

I checked it online to see if any store sells it and found it on Jolse.


I was pretty shocked on how expensive it is . It costs around 25000₩ on testerkorea, without shipping fees.

I was contacted by email to inform me of the good news.
The person I was in contact with had good English skills and was responsive.

Their international section is really good!

The prize came safely packed with a lot of bubble wrap.


It would have been nicer if there was a letter or card, but anyway I can’t complain.


Tadah some gold in a jar!

The presentation of the product is really rich and golden!


The product is in a glass like jar and you are supposed to scoop the product with a plastic golden spoon/scooper.

It is pretty heavy and sturdy, you get 45ml of product.


Here is how the product looks like : it is quite rick and heavy.
There are actually gold “sprinkles” in it … hence the gold 24k in the name.


Sample on my hand, it does melt on the hand quite easily. But it doea feel heavy.


Tried to take a picture of the gold bits in the cream.

I’ve been using this cream for a couple of days and I don’t know how I feel about it yet.

I’ve been using it as my night cream since it is quite heavy.

How I use it :

After my toner I scoop a bit and put it in the palm of my hand and spread it on my face.

It is a bit sticky, guessing it’s from the snail extract. I massage it on my face for a couple of minute.

After spreading my face isn’t greasy or shiny, but it’s not soft as well , like other cream.


Spreading on my hands, my skin looks quitr matte.

In the morning, when I wake up my face again isn’t softer but it’s not dry.

I guess I need to wait a bit more to see it’s effect.

The cream has whitening effect and elasticity promises.

Let’s see if my face is “whiter” when I’m done with it.

Since it is a 45ml jar , I expect to finish it in around 6 months.

Will update you once I am done with it and if I become a fan!


Update : I used this cream from the end of December 2014 and finished it in June 2015. I noticed that thanks to this cream, my face was plump and never dehydrated. This was a great night cream, because when I woke up my skin looked rejuvenated.


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