L’Occitane online store review

Yeah I rather post stuff right now than get ready for the New Year … but I am waiting for my hair to dry hehehe

I am addicted to L’Occitane, have been an avid user for many years now.


I don’t know how their lure their buyers in other countries, but in Belgium regular buyers do not have affiliate cards of any sort.

If you buy in one of their concept store, they will ask you for your coordinates.
They will send you an invitation card every month saying that if you buy for at least 40/50/60/70€ you can get Occitane kit for free … and that’s how they get me every time .

You can also asked for the invitation to be sent out by email.
If you do activate it, you will see that they have extra free stuff on their online store and extra offer only sent by email.

I always go to the concept store as I like the feel of the store, but they did open an online store which I have never tried.


And now I took the jump and ordered from their online store.

They had a special offer where shipping is free from 35€ and you get 4 deluxe sample size of their best selling product.

A good plus from their store is that you can pay directly with a maestro card via pc banking.

Gift box option  is also free and you get to pick some samples.

I placed my order and paid on the same day, and it was sent out after a couple of days.

I forgot to mention that for shipping you can :

□Have it delivered at home by post, this is not registered
□Delivered express
□Or actually get the ordered item at your preferred store

I decided to get it delivered by post.

It took around a week for the whole process : ordering, paying, getting the order ready, releasing the item, delivery.

The package arrived in a box.


I like that when you open it it says “merci”. Such a sweet gesture.


And finally my haul!


I requested for a gift box since it was free.

There was also a folder with the summary of the purchased items and the message I requested to be added.


The full content of my box :
♡3 samples
♡l’occitane folder with the message and receipt
♡gift box with the purchased item
♡l’occitane christmas ball with l’arlesienne products.


See how luxurious the gift box is, it’s even envelopped in golden paper!


Inside the box, it looks like this, it moved a bit from transportation but everything is intact.


Here is the full content of my order.

Everything found on top on the occitane folder are the free items :
♤karite conditioner
♤karite handcream
♤body cream
♤mini perfume
♤3 selected samples

Inside the christmas ball :

Pretty happy with their services and the free products , which is always welcome!

Let’s do a little sum up of l’Occitane if you are not familiar with them :

♧L’Occitane is a French brand based in Provence
♧all their products are based on natural product
♧their best known line is the karite line
♧if you should try only one of their product it should be their handcream beurre de karite : it’s the BEST!!!
♧they always provide samples upon purchase
♧they sales representatives are usually pretty nice and helpful
♧the price range is mid to high range, depending on the item
♧they have monthly offers where you can get free occitane products in deluxe sample size and sometimes exclusive occitane products like pouches
♧they are now available worldwide, but a bit more expensive outside Europe
♧their product ranges from skincare products, bodycare, perfume and house perfume. They sometimes come out with makeup, but they are usually a limited edition

If you’ve never tried their online store, I can say it’s safe and easy to get around!

And be careful or you’ll get addicted like me!

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