Eopenmarket /Cosmeticmarket2012 lucky box and store review

I tried out another type of lucky box, this time it’s a box filled with samples from Eopenmarket.


Come in if you are curious…

I discovered Eopenmarket through Ebay, and yes it’s another Korean beauty online store from South Korea.

The first time I ordered from them I got a little leaflet informing me of their own store.


They don’t have a much as other store such as BNK or Jolse but they do have interesting items that are hard to find and more choices in their sample sections.

Shipping is included in most item but you can pay extra for expedited shipping.

Anyway let’s go to the main star the lucky box.

Eopenmarket previously offered two types of luckybox one that was less than 9$ and a deluxe type.

This time around they only offered a regular lucky box at 8.80$, free shipping.


I ordered mine around new year and it took around 2 weeks again,which is in the norm.

The box


The longer box is my BNK order, the smaller box below is my Eopenmarket order.

My order was packed in a sturdy cardboard box which protected the items perfectly.


They mentioned the price I paid for the item and set it as gift.

This is all good for me, did not have any issues with customs.

When opening the box, this is how it looked like.


The samples were bubble wrapped for safety and it fit perfectly inside the box.


The content

This is the full content of the box : the bubble wrapped samples and I got an additional 3 samples for the order!

Unwrapped here is the content.


The pack contained 46 pieces of samples plus 3 which makes it 49 pieces for 6.80$!!!!

The samples are mostly skin care products such as  moisturizers and ampoules.

The only makeup was a couple of BBcreams.

I separated the samples by brands and the majority are from TonyMoly and Skinfood.


Here is a closer look of the samples by brands :

  • Holika Holika


  • Missha


  • Skin79


  • Mizon


  • Secret key


  • Etude house


  • Innisfree


  • Tony Moly


  • Skin Food


And the 3 extra from Purito and Tony Moly


The verdict

All in all I am pretty happy with this lucky box as you do get a lot for your buck!


I don’t have any SkinFood product so this will be a great way to test them out!

This lucky box is still available on eopenmarket so do buy it before it’s out of stock!

If they release another one, I will sure be purchasing it!

If you do buy one, let me know if you received another lot of samples!

Why try Eopenmarket?

Well one great reason to try them out is because they give points whenever specific actions are made on the site, such as giving reviews of the purchased items. Those points are then converted to $ which can be used on future purchases. But they recently changed their site so will need to check if this is still valid.

Their customer service is okay as they do use proper English.
If you need help, you can always contact them!

Hope I enticed you with their services heheheh

Well I’m off to test the samples 😙

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