Review Beautynetkorea online store

I have mentioned Beautynetkorea alot on my blog but never quite blogged about my shopping experience.

Here is my review from this great store.


How did I discover this store?

Again like all the other stores I first discovered them through Ebay and then they sent me an email saying they just opened their own store!


Just a small note, the address of this store is and once you click to enter it will change to a hanamama address.

Do not worry this is normal, the store is genuine!

I needed  a new eye cream so I decided to check their offering, plus I had a lot credits I could use so I decided it was time!

I placed my order beginning of the year and it was dispatched the next day.

Like all the online store I visit, Beautynetkorea is based in South Korea.
Shipping is free and you can use  PayPal as a method of payment.

Once you log in to finalize your order, you will that the pricing will be reduced and can use your credit ( you can only use it once you have 10$ of credits though).

My order

Here is my order which came in a sturdy cardboard box.


I’ve never had any issues with customs so hopefully this will continue ***knocks on wood***


The mentioned value was lower than the actual price and it was marked as gift.

When opening the box, it was bubble wrapped.


The content

Here is the full content.


I received 3 samples along with a “thank you”note.


I like that they always add a “THANK YOU” note for each order.
It just gives that extra touch for customer experience.


Here is what I ordered, it’s Iope essential tone & wrinkle care eye cream.


This cost less then 19$ but I only paid 8$ thanks to my accumulated credits.

Unfortunately all the information on the box are in Korean.


How the product looks like


This contains 25ml so I expect for this to last at least 6 months.


As always I’m super pleased with Beautynetkorea.

They have very competitive prices, shipping is free and they have new products coming in every week.

Plus they usually provide free products once you reach a certain amount.

Beautynetkorea is my favorite Korean online store because of the prices and selection.

Do try out this store as I’m sure you will love it too!


Well that was my haul , hope my point of view helped and makes you want to buy buy buy bwahahaha!!!

13 thoughts on “Review Beautynetkorea online store

    • Hi ! I’ glad it helped you! Yes beautynetkorea is very professional. I’m sure you will enjoy your shopping experience with them ☺

    • Hey!

      For me it takes around 2 weeks to get to Belgium.

      So I guess if you are from Europe, it should take 2-4 weeks and I guess it’s faster if you are in Asia.

      Where are you from?

      • Hi Rinesoo, I’m not sure if you will see this, but did you ever experience any problems with customs in Belgium? I’m still waiting for my package to arrive (it’s only been 2 weeks).

      • Hey! Yes that has happened to me many times unfortunately. They usually do this when the package is a big box and the worth is over 25$. When that happens they make me pay 20% of the mentioned worth +’admin fees 😡

      • I would also say that if your package has been delayed to a month, you’re pretty sure s your order is stuck with customs. They will either send the package to your house but will only release it if you pay. Or they sometimes will send you a letter asking for more details such as your proof of payment of the store.. and when that happens you can add an extra week for the wait. I hope you’ll get your order soon without any hassle 😄

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  3. Hello! Thanks for the article. It is so well documented. I went to the website and the shipping doesn’t seem to be free anymore: it showed more than 44$ to France. 55$ to the US. Do you happen to know if the website changed its regulations or if there is something I did wrong 🙂 ?

    • Hey, oh yeap they changed the shipping fees a couple of months ago. It’s no longer free, you have to select the type of shipping prefered at the end. This is the same thing for Cosmetic-love. You still have Jolse and BBcosmetic that offers free shipping. 😀

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