Where to buy European and American beauty products online

Since I made a masterlist of my Asian online store might as well make one for my European/American products right?

Here we go

I would like to precise these are all based on my experience and shipping to Belgium.
There might be differences depending where it will be sent to.

All stores mentioned below will usually offer direct bank payment, since it’s in Europe, and Paypal.

I’m against having a credit card since I’m too scared to have debts 😉

Store based in Hong Kong
Shipping is now free starting 25€ , which I think it sucks since it was free for whatever amount and you could even pick registered mail for free.
Plus any order I place from them gets checked by Belgian customs and they ALWAYS make me pay custom fees whenever it’s over 25$.
As mentioned above, this is a store based in Hong Kong but they send out the items from Sweden.
BUT you can request for Strawberrynet to refund you the customs fees you may had to pay.
You just need to show them the receipt and you get your money back!
Always have new offers every week

♡www.boozyshop.com see review here
Store based in the Netherlands
Shipping is free starting 50€
Sent by registered mail
Offers products from Zoeva, Sigma to only name a few
I think they are only limited to BE & NL though

Store based in the Netherlands
Specialized store for hair products
Shipping is free starting 50€
Sent by registered mail
This is the cheapest place I found that sells L’Oreal Steampod and the hair products that comes with it.
I really wished I bought my Steampod here instead because they offer the set with the hair products at the same price I bought my Steampod alone 😦
I also bought my Tangle Teezer here for 7€!
The site may be basic looking, even a bit outdated but it’s a genuine store so don’t worry.
Again this store is only for BE & NL

Store based in the UK
Shipping is free starting 50€ and it around 7€ when under.
They offer Sigma, Sleek , Real Technics products to name a few.
You can select samples to be added to your order.
They also have a point system that can be used for reductions.
Before you could even select for Sigma brushes as a free gift.
I’m not sure if they offer shipping worldwide but they do for Europe.

Note : if you want to buy Sigma brushes I highly recommend you buy them from either of the two mentioned store.
They are both official seller and you won’t have the trouble of paying customs fees.
If you buy from a seller based in the US, Belgian customs WILL ALWAYS INVOICE YOU CUSTOMS FEES!!!
I bought once from Sigma’s store and had to pay 50€ worth of customs fees when I paid 45€ for my brush set. The good deal became an expensive purchase TT__TT

Store based in the Uk
Shipping is free starting 15€
Offer brands such as Too Faced, Anastasia, Stila and Urban decay.
You can receive free samples if you reach 65€ worth of products.
I highly recommend to follow them on FB as they  usually organize giveways. I won twice so everyone has a chance!
They ship worldwide

Store based in Jersey, UK.
Since this is not part of the CEE, customs fees will be invoiced at the border BUT you can request to be refunded at Feelunique.com
Shipping is free starting 15€
Offer brands like Urban Decay, Lancome or if you are looking for a hair straightener GHD … just remember to buy a plug adaptor.
You can select samples when you place an order and they also have other offers where you can get more free stuff.
They ship worldwide.

♡www.loccitane.be see review here
Exclusive online store for Belgium
Shipping is free starting 60€ to be delivered at home and it’s free starting 45€ if you wish to pick it up at a store of your choice.
You can find all their products on the online store and more.
If you register to their newsletter you will get additional offers and special codes to get more free gifts.
Gift wrapping is free and you get 3 samples per order.
This is not by registered mail.

♧www.clinique.be see review here
Exclusive online store for Belgium
Shipping is free starting 40€
You always get 2 deluxe size samples
Watch out for special codes online for free stuff.
Shipping is by registered mail. They now send it with DHL, which is a nightmare, so I rather not purchase from them anymore 😦

♡www.parfumania.be see review here
Store base in the Netherlands but also delivers in Belgium
Shipping is free starting 100€ and is by registered mail
Specializes in selling perfume and some mid/high range skincare products such a Clinique, Biotherm, Elizabeth Arden
A sample can be given.

♧www.iherb.com see review here
Store based in the USA but ships worldwide
Shipping is a flat rate, depending on the select option from regular mail to DHL/UPS. Do try not to order over 25 EUR, to make sure no customs fees are applied.
Specialised in selling eco-friendly, cruelty free items , bio foods and food supplements and vitamins.
They also have daily offers and you can purchase item at “trial” price.

These are my go-to stores for European and American brands.
If I have any others, I will be sure to mention them in the future 🙂

Do you have any others out there? I’m still looking for a European based online store that offer Tarte Cosmetics… if any kind soul have any recommendations do let me know !

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