Review The face shop cherry blossom clear hair mist

Hello again,

Here is a small review of one of my “cheat” product.

Here’s The face shop cherry blossom clear hair mist.


I discovered this hair mist back in summer 2013.

This is a hair mist/perfume which should give shine to your hair.

The bottle is pretty handy and small.


You can bring it with you and put it in your bag.

The scent of this is cherry blossom : it is quite a strong flowery scent.

But once your sprayed it and brushed your hair, the scent isn’t that strong anymore.

This is a hair mist so you can easily spray it on your hair.


This spray does not come in a box, there was just a plastic wrap on it.

All the product information can be found on the back of the bottle.


All writing is mostly in Korean.

This little bottle contains 100ml and was pretty cheap.

I think this cost around 5000₩ at the time.

How I use it

I usually use it when I haven’t washed my hair.

I would spray it all over my hair and then brush it.

I do not use this on clean hair as I think it would clash with the shampoo’s scent.

Just a personal preference.

The spray does not make my hair greasy, it gives it a fresh touch thanks to the scent.

My hair is also softer and easy to brush.

This is why I call it a “cheat” product, it gives my hair a fresh feel, for those “in between” days.


I like this little hair mist.

It’s convenient and the size is really travel friendly.

If you don’t want to put perfume on, you can always just spray this over your hair and you’re done.

I think there is another variant of this spray, but I’ve never tried it before.

If you like flowery scent, this is for you.
If not, then it would be best to find something else.

Do you have any “cheat” product? What is it and how do you use it?

Until next time!

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