Review Innisfree tapping lip concealer

And I’m on a roll with lip products ☺.

This time it’s for Innisfree tapping lip concealer.


I don’t usually use concealer as I am not familiar with this type of product.

If you have dark lips, like I do, and you would like for the color of the tube to be the same on the lips, then a lip concealer is the way to go!

It is also a good base if you like a ombre like effect on the lips.

That’s why I bought Innisfree tapping lip concealer.


The packaging

This lip concealer comes in a very small box.


The presentation is very eco friendly.

All the writing found on the box is in Korean.


Again there are more writing in Korean on the side and some drawings with English writing.


On the top of the box, you can see “Innisfree” written in Korean which I think is pretty funny.

They usually have the logo there.

The bottom shows that they used soy ink for the box.

The lip concealer comes in a round container.


You will find the manufactured date at the bottom of the product.


The color

This lip concealer only comes in one color.

To open the container, you need to turn it.


The shade is in a warm peach color.

Here is a swatch on the back of my hand.


You can barely see the color as this concealer is almost a perfect match to my skin 😅.

This lip concealer is creamy and melts as soon as it is in contact with your skin.

It doesn’t feel heavy at all.

On the lips

As the name suggests it, it is best to apply this by tapping it on the lips.

Here are my lips before.


Here are my lips after with the concealer.


This lip concealer was easy to apply.

I only dabbed my finger twice to get an even coat on my lips.

My lips are lighter and ready for some lip color!

Let’s test it

Remember the swatch on my hand?
Well here is again with a coat of lip color from Innisfree real fluide.


You can see that the color is lighter with the lip concealer.

What about the lips?

I tried the same shade on my lips and here is the result.


On top is concealer + real fluid
Below is just real fluid.

The lip concealer does give a drastic change to the color outcome!


Innisfree’s tapping lip concealer is a very easy product to use.

It melts on the lips and sticks very easily.

It can be a concern for some neat freak as you open the container and apply it with your fingers directly.

I have not tried applying it with a brush because I do feel that applying it with my fingers is easier.

This is also a very cheap item.

I got mine from Jolse for around 5$.

If you are looking or want to try out a lip concealer, do give Innisfree’s tapping lip concealer.

You won’t regret it:mrgreen:!

4 thoughts on “Review Innisfree tapping lip concealer

    • Hey, I guess you could try as it is quite creamy… but because it’s cream it could crease. I can try and let you know if it works out for me ☺

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