Review It’s skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress cream

Hey all,

The weather is getting warmer meaning people are showing more skin again.

I think this is the best time to review It’s Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress cream.


I discovered this cream in Korea last summer, I just thought it was a whitening cream and bought it to try it out.

But it’s actually NOT a whitening cream in a sense that the more you use it, the lighter your skin will progressively get.

It’s a quick fix cream to have a lighter shade in 3 sec (that’s what it claims anyway).

The packaging

This cream comes in a squeeze tube with a very cute lace design.


All the writing is found on the back, mostly in Korean.


This is quite a big bottle as it contains 100ml.


This is a squeeze bottle so it is perfectly safe to put it in a bag and it’s hygienic as you are only in contact with the needed amount of product.

The cream

The cream is a very white almost paint like color.


It is not watery a bit thick but still easy to blend.


This is scented , the way I would describe it would be like a mix of fresh citrus with baby powder.

It is quite pleasant and not too strong.


It does say in English that you can use this cream on the face and body.

I would rather not use it on my face as I’m afraid this could make me break out because of it’s thickness.

The test

I will not try it on my face as my skin can be sensitive at time, plus I’m combi/oily skin so I don’t think it would be the best idea.

I used this cream on my arms to show the difference.


Here is my arm before.


Applying the cream on my arm.


After spreading, here is the result.

Do you see the difference?

Well now YOU CAN!

See my arm on top is SUPER lighter than the one below!

You can really change the shade of your skin in seconds!


Indoors, the difference isn’t that visible though.

My left arm does not have cream, the right arm has the Wedding dress cream on.

But it does look a bit brighter.

I applied it on my hand and this is how it turned out.


It still looks natural, but see those small lines because of the hair on my arm …


Indoor this is how it looks.


The cream is a bit sticky at the beginning and then it becomes soft.

Since this is a cream, the whiteness will fade away quite quickly if you are sweating.

This won’t last long as it will also naturally fade.

I think the best way to use it would be, for example if you have an indoor event and you want to show off whiter/paler limbs or your back and collarbone.

If you are a bit hairy you will see that the cream will stick to the hair and you’ll have mini lines.

Your hands will also be white in between the cracks.


All in all this is not a product I would repurchase.

I get real sweaty in the summer so the effect of this cream would dissappear as soon as I would step outside 😦

I don’t really have any events to go to where I would need to wear dresses as well so this is a miss for my lifestyle.

If you are looking for a quick fix to get “lighter” for a limited time then this is for you!


6 thoughts on “Review It’s skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress cream

  1. Hi,

    Can I know where did you get that from in korea. I’m flying to korea for wedding photoshoot, I think I need that cream to perfect my skin colour. Probably if I can a chance to, I can grab one in my 1st day in korea.

    Is it available in any cosmetic stores?

    • Hi Renee, I bought it from It’s skin store directly I think it’s less than 10,000₩.

      You should be able to find it in any It’s skin store.

      Enjoy your trip to Korea 😉

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