Review Lunasol cream cheeks in tender glow pink and soft orange

Hey all, Today I would like to share with you my favorite blush and it’s from Lunasol, their cream cheeks. image I discovered these blushes through Lunasol christmas set. Lunasol is a Japanese high end brand known for their luxuous makeup, most importantly for their very sofisticated hues of brown eyeshadow. I originally bought these from Adambeauty in set as the products were cheaper that way and because they were too pretty! My first Lunasol cream cheek comes from the 2011 christmas set which contained the “Tender glow pink” shade. image Picture credits to the owner The second shade comes from Lunasol starter kit from 2012 where it contained the soft orange cream cheek. image Picture credits to the owner Before these blushers I didn’t really like cream blusher but these changed my mind forever. The shades These cream cheeks comes in plastic tubes where you can see the colors through the transparent tube. These tubes are also very easy to squeeze. image You can easily control how much product you want. image On the back you can find the names of the shades in English and Japanese. image Both tubes have the same opening. It is also travel safe so you can put it in your pouch and not be worried it’ll go everywhere. The color on me These are two different shades, one is a pink which can give you that fresh look and the orange one I feel gives me a sunkissed effect. image I will usually take out a pea size amount on the back of my hand and apply it by dots on my cheeks. And then I tap it on until it’s evenly applied and blended. image Here is the tender glow pink, this should be enough for one cheek or more. image How I apply : I dot it on where I want to apply it. From there I dab it on and go up to my temple. I dab and tap it until the cream is evenly applied. NEVER SPREAD IT LIKE CREAM AS IT DEFEATS THE PURPOSE! image The pink gives a natural glow to my skin. This shade is very natural. This shade will of course be more visible on lighter shade of skin, and if you are wearing a foundation/bb cream. Let’s try the soft orange shade. image Again a peas size amount is enough for the cheek. image The orange coral shade is so much prettier on my skin shade. It actually looks like I have a tan, more colourful. image Here is the soft orange shade which gives me a healthy color! Tip If you still have some cream blush left , I would also apply it on my eyelid as a cream eyeshadow. image And voila you still have a very natural makeup! Conclusion One of the main reason why I love these cream blush is because they are so easy to apply. To me these blushes are like a mix of blush and highlighter. I don’t know if you can see it but there is also a lot of glitters with it. image From afar it gives the illusion that you have very good skin. Even if you apply too much, you can blend it out and still have a very natural looking cheek color! The staying power is okay, because once the color is gone you still have the glitter left so you kinda have the highlighter part left. image That was my favorite blush, what’s yours?

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