Review C20 original pure vitamin C20 serum

Hello all,

I have another review I would like to share with you all.

This time it’s for C20 original pure vitamin C20 serum.


I have recently been having some skin problems, because I have been stressed and tired.

Before I would mostly have hormonal break out at the end of each month, but this time it was different.

I was checking online to see if there were any “miracle” products out there and found the C20 serum which is highly concentrated in Vitamin C.

I bought mine from Wishtrend for 15$.

Vitamin C serum packaging


This serum comes in a orange box.


On the back you have the explanation of the product and how to use it in Korean and English.


On the side of the box, you can find the ingredients in English and Korean.


You can also find this warning message on top.

The content of the box is the serum in a dark glass bottle and the dispenser.


The serum is sealed tight and once you open it, you can use the drip dispenser.

The serum


This serum has a very strong citrus orange scent.

It does dissapear after a while, but the smell does linger, specially if you don’t wash your hands after applying it.


This serum is transparent and has a bit of a light yellow color.


This serum is also quite thick, it doesn’t slide off the skin.


As you can see, this isn’t quickly absorbed by the skin.

You need to massage it for a bit to be absorbed.

It can also be sticky on the face and hands.


After a couple of minutes, here is the result.

No more shininess and the stickiness is gone.

How to use it

First of all, because this contains concentrated vitamin C, you need to store this serum in a dark place and preferably in a cool place such as your fridge.

I keep it in my room since it’s pretty cool in there.

The proper way to use this serum is to apply it directly after you have washed your face.

Two drops should be enough for the entire face.

You then need to wait 15 to 30 minutes for the active ingredients to kick in, and then continue with your night skincare routine.

In a month’s time, you should then notice the change in your skin, such as old pimple scars to be less visible, redness of pimples to have lessen and a brighter complexion.

My experience

My experience with this serum was pretty bad.

On the first day I got it, I decided to use it as mentioned on the box.

I applied it directly after washing my face.

The next morning, I woke up with budding pimples where my skin was clean … I was worried.

I looked up for reviews on the net and found that some users said this is normal.

They recommend to gradually add it to your skin routine. To give time to your skin to adjust to it.

I waited for a couple of days and then decided to only use a drop and have 1 days rest in between.

At first nothing happened, but then I noticed some new pimples again in places I usually do not break out.

I decided to stop and this time waited for two weeks.

Thinking that the product might be too strong, I then decided to mix the serum with a toner.


I would mix two pumps of watery toner with 2 drops of serum.

I would then apply it first on the problem area and apply the rest to my face.

The first 5 days my skin finally calmed down and it really looked like there was less redness, and scars were getting lighter.

On the second week of using it diluted, I noticed new pimples again and it was getting worse…

I had previously a really big swollen pimple on my cheek, because of the second try, which I popped and cleaned out. I thought it was healed.

After the third try, the place where there previously was a pimple was now left with a bump. When I pushed on it to see if it hurt, some puss came out.

IT WAS GROSS… this was the first time I had this type of subcutaneous pimple!?!.

I was horrified! It really did not look like a pimple, just a regular skin color bump : it wasn’t red or yellow.

I gave this serum a break again for a week, tried it again diluted but again got more pimples …

This serum was the worse, it broke me out so much that my skin looks like someone who just entered puberty….


I am only going to share these pictures, because the results were horrible. I even have pimple along my jaw line which is ewww….

As you can see, I didn’t have much imperfections, just some old scars which I wanted to fade.

Instead of having better skin, it broke me out and I now have more imperfections.

I feel ashamed of my face … and the worse I have been showing this face for interviews.

I lost a lot of confidence just thinking people are going to judge me with the way I look.

They might even think I don’t know how to take care of myself …which isn’t true 😦

I’ve been sleeping on my back, not on my side, and changed my pillow case, but the breakout continued.

I even checked my other beauty products and nothing clashed, ingredients wise with the serum…


I did not like this serum one bit.

My skin is oily to combi and can be sensitive at times.

The last time this happened to me was when I used products from Effaklar, which completely destroyed my face … and this was the trigger that made me discover Korean beauty products.

My skin reacted so badly that I am now using products to try and calm my skin again and possibly prevent and diminish these new imperfections.

This C20 serum is not something I would recommend because of my bad experience.

It could be that you might have a better experience … but that wasn’t my case.

If you’ve experienced the same, please do let me know.


4 thoughts on “Review C20 original pure vitamin C20 serum

  1. I was so excited to get this because most of the reviews were positive. But my skin kept on having pimples while I was using this serum. I used 1/4 lang ng bottle. I had to stop and look for another serum. The latest version worked well on my skin. Less ingredients and it’s not that sticky anymore. πŸ™‚

  2. Check po if you’re toner has niacinimide or other ingredients that might counteract with the serum, since vit. C is a really unstable compound.

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