Review Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen first trial set

Hey all, It’s the start of another month! It’s June! Today I want to share with you a review on Etude House moistfull super collagen cream and ampoule essence. image I got this Etude House Moistfull super collagen first trial kit a while ago. This is more for a winter type skincare, but because my skin reacted so badly to vitamin C product, I decided to use it for a while to give my skin a break and to “restart”. That will be a story for another post. I got this set on Beautynetkorea last January for I think around 8$. image This came with a Super Collagen moistfull cream, a ampoule essence and a cc cream. These sets are usually given for free in Korea, but hey I’m not in Korea so I paid for this. This is also a great way to discover new products without cashing out for the full size products! image On the back of the box, you can find the description of the products in Korean and English. image Unboxed this is what it looks like. These little kits are safely packed and nothing leaked from South Korea to Belgium. Super collagen cream image Etude House has a moistfull collagen and this one, the SUPER collagen version. This apparently has 63% of collagen. This little pot contains 10 ml and you can use it for at least 2 weeks, if you only use it once a day. image Don’t be fooled by the pot, it is hollow at the bottom. image This is what it looks like : it is a white peachy cream. This cream is “magical” meaning if I take a bit of it, it will leave a mark. If I leave it and open it again the mark will dissapear, it’s like the cream regenerates itself! The top surface of the cream is smooth again! This cream is like butter, when you take a bit of it, it’s solid but as soon as you apply it it melts on your skin. You can easily massage it on your skin. image This cream has a creamy watery kind of texture. image When applied on the skin it feels a lot lighter. image At first it is buttery but it then melts on your skin and leaves it shiny and moisturized. Because this cream is “heavy” I prefer using this at night on my oily skin. When I wake up, my fave is plump and not greasy. I tried using this in the daytime, but my skin becomes too oily with it and sticky. I recommend the cream for dry skin more if you want to use it in the daytime. Ampoule essence image The ampoule essence has apparently 90% collagen, which is even more than the cream. This has a screw top opening. image The texture of this ampoule is viscuous : if you turn it upside down you’ll see that the essence sticks to the bottle and kind of looks like thise lava lamps. When I apply ot on my skin, I will first pour it on my hands and then apply and massage it to my face and neck. image I applied the ampoule on top of the cream. See how viscuous it is, it can stay in place and does not drip. image There is no cream after the white line. The orange line shows the essence which has been spread on the skin, on top of the cream. It does take a couple of minutes for it to be absorbed by the skin. image After a minute or two, you can now see that it is less shiny and the products have been absorbed. This feels fresh on the skin and can be a bit sticky. Again I use this at night because of it’s stickiness. It does help with the plumpiness of the skin, which I like. And the rest? image This set also contains a CC cream but i have yet to use it. As for the cream and essence, I am satisfied. The cream is easy to apply and does help with the plumpness of the skin. The ampoule is sticky but feels fresh on the face. This is indeed a great product when the weather is colder and if you want that extra moisture. I should mention that these product are scented, they all have that fresh kind of citrus scent like all the products from the moistfull collagen line. Have you used these products before, what did you think of it? image

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