Review Etude House Real Art cleansing oil moisture

Happy friday all!

I have a small review today about Etude House real art cleansing oil moisture.


Since I just finished my cleansing oil, I was looking through my stuff and decided to use my deluxe sample from Etude House.

Cleansing oils are a great way for a deep cleansing without leaving the skin dry.

This deluxe bottle contains 25ml : I have been using this for almost a week now and am quite happy with it

The bottle

I like the Mona Lisa drawing on the bottle.


It’s even on the sample bottle.


All the writing is in Korean here.


I did find this online explaining the benefits of this cleansing oil.

The oil

The opening of this cleansing oil is a twist opening.


It is easy to open and to pour.

The oil isn’t too watery or thick, just enough to be able to apply it and massage on the face.


When opening the bottle it doesn’t really smell of anything.

But once you apply it to your face it has this nice warm and fruity scent but I can’t really put my finger on it.

You can massage it easily on the face, once it’s time to remove it with water the oil turns into a milky substance.

It left my face clean and smooth, there was no oiliness or dry parts.


All in all this is a good oil cleanser.

I would consider buying the normal size but there are so many variants I will need to check which one is best for me.


This cleansing oil will at least last me for 2 weeks. I really like the fact that Etude House always has these deluxe samples. It gives you enough time to test out the product without having to pay for the full size.

I got this deluxe sample through a purchase but I’m sure you can find it on Ebay.

Have you used this before or do you have another recommended cleansing oil?

I would love to know!

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