Review Etude House wonder pore corrector

Hi all,

I have another review for you.

It’s Etude House wonder pore corrector.


I love Etude House’s Wonder Pore freshner, I have been using it for years and feel it helped me with my pore management.

I already have great expectation for products released under this line.

I actually got the wonder pore corrector a while ago but because I already was using too many products, I decided to postpone it’s usage.

The box

The Wonder pore corrector comes in a blue plastic box.


It’s all in the same color and presentation as the other products from this line.


On the back you can find the description of thr product and how to use it in Korean and English.

You can also find the ingredients in English.


When removed from the box,this is what it looks like.

The Wonder Pore corrector comes in a blue squeezable tube.

The product

What does Wonder Pore corrector do?

First thing to know is that the promise of this line is clean pores.

The catch phrase of this product is :
“I’m the Wonder Woman for your pores”

I think it’s pretty funny. This is saying a lot though, saying they are as great as a superhero!


This is an essence gel that helps keep your pore clean, tones your pore, helps sebum control, firms up pore, exfoliates dead skin cells and even moisturizes.

First thing you will notice about this essence gel is the tip of the tube.


It’s in a flat rounded metal shape to help massage the essence on the pore.

Thanks to the metal tip it feels fresh on the face when massaging the essence.


Here is the front of the tube : this contains 25 ml of essence.


On the back you can read the catchphrase , all other writing is in Korean.


The essence is off white when it comes out of the tube, but this becomes transparent when applied on the skin.

It has the same fresh scent as the Wonder pore freshner : a bit fresh and masculine.

I apply this right before I finalize my skin routine, right before my moisturizing cream.

I massage this on my nose area and around my nose, basically on my t-zone.


The special tip does help with the application and I then do not need my fingers to apply it.

Mind you it has happened for the massage tip to slip and go to my nostrils … lol butter finger…

The rounded tip helps with the application on the side of the nose.

I leave it for a minute and I then apply my cream.

The result

I feel like this essence works like a primer.

Before applying it, you can see that my skin is shiny.

After applying it, my t-zone is matte and it’s even different to the touch.


I do feel that this essence helps with my sebum control.

Since using this, my nose is less shiny during the day.

I don’t know about the dead skin part but my nose area has indeed been more manageable sebum wise.

After each use it I recommend cleaning the tip as you may have some white leftover products.

I’ve been using it for almost a month and I think I’ve used half of the product.

Squeezing the product is a bit harder now. You sometimes get those “jumping” gel meaning if you squeeze it too much you will have some gel squirting off…


This wonder pore corrector is a great extra step for your fight to clean pore.


I have noticed an improvement on the area where I use this on my face.

This makes me want to try other products from this line.

If you have an oily t-zone, this product is a definite try product.

Like mentioned on top, this does feel like a nose primer. But it is not greasy nor does it leave you with an itchy nose.

The pores do look smaller when using this and it’s shine free.

I bought my wonder pore corrector for I think around 8000₩ but you can find this online for around 10~12$.

Have you used this product before,or any products from this line?

I would love to know.

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