Review Clio Touching apple cheek in 03 mellow orange

Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday was my mom’s birthday so I’ve been busy eating eating and more eating ☺.

But while we were having our foodfest we did go to the beach, the best excuse to take pictures of products I can review.

Today I have a review of Clio’s Touching apple cheek in 03 mellow orange, it’s a blush btw.


Clio professional is a Korean beauty brand which I would say would be around the same prices as Etude House products. They have more a focus on makeup, but they do have skincare products under the line Goodal.

This blush is actually from an old collection, but I like it.


Some of their models are Lee Hyori, Dara and Naeun : very pretty girls which garners a lot of attention!

The packaging

I think the blush came in a plastic box, but I threw that away a long time ago.

This blush comes in a dome shape with a see through cap.


The packaging has a metallic finish but it is actually in plastic.

It comes in a very handy size as well, you can easily put it in your bag.


On the bottom, you have the name of the shade in Korean.
This contains 8.7gr of product and should be used within 24 months after opening.


What you see is what you get, you cannot push the product up or turn it.

This blush comes in a dome shape so that you can apply it directly onto your cheeks.

The opening is a bit tricky though.
The first time I opened it, I thought I needed to twist it open because of the ridges on the side.

But that was misleading, you actually need to pull it up.

Sometimes when pulling up, I scrape a bit of the product on the side… hmmpfff.

I have been using mine for some time now, so it’s no longer dome shape as before.

The color

The shade I have is 03 mellow orange, which to me is a warm orange peach.


The way I use this blush is that I applly 2-3 coats of it on each cheek and blend it with my L’Occitane kabuki brush.

The color usually stays for around 3-4 hours and melts away on my skin.
I do have oily skin so whenever I use blotting paper, the color kind of comes with it.

I should mention that this is more like a cream blush but turns powdery on application.

It does not give a greasy feel or any heaviness.

Here is the color on my hand after 1-2 swipes.


The color is a warm soft orange, which is a bit peachy. You can easily built up the color by applying more.


When blended it gives kind of a natural blush effect, the outcome is matte so this is perfect for people who like a natural makeup look.

I like this shade on my skin as I am more on the tan side, if I were to go with Korean complexion, it really gives me that extra color to make my face look lively and healthy.


Would I buy this again?
I would say yes, but I still have so many blushes I need to finish first.

What I like about it :

– the format is pretty handy as you apply it directly onto your cheeks
– it’s perfect for people who do not have much time when putting makeup on
– the shade 03 gives a very natural finish on tanned complexion ( mind you I am considered to be on the fair skin tone for Filipinas, but tanned for Korean and very tanned for European standards =365 tan all year long)
– this product was less than 10,000₩ which is okay
– color is buidable
– gives a matte finish
– decent amount of product
– stays for around 3-4 hours, then touch up needed if you have oily skin like moi
– very sturdy packaging
– turns from cream to powder finish
– perfect for the natural look
– not scented
– no breakouts encountered

What I don’t like :

– the opening cap can be troublesome as some morning I give up using it because I can’t open it properly. The scraping part annows me a bit… waste of product on the rim
– once the dome is flat, it will be harder to apply it directly to your cheeks

All in all this is a good blush which is light to wear and did not break me out.


Have you used this before or any other shade?

I would love to hear about your experience.

Until next post!

2 thoughts on “Review Clio Touching apple cheek in 03 mellow orange

    • Yes mas bagay sa atin ang peachy colors, kasi pink makes it look too obvious, and more Japanese style.

      Haha thanks! Nasa beach narin might as well take pictures diba 😋

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