Unboxing Etude House order

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share with you a small haul made from Etude House Global’s website.


A couple of weeks ago they had a free shipping offer for orders that are equal/over 50 USD!

So I went for it and bought myself some extra stuff.

As usual ordering from the portal was easy : just add on the cart and you are set!

You should always check their offers, as these usually changes every week.

I ordered at the beginning of the month and it arrived yesterday.

The package

My order was something like 50.30$, lol I really bought an extra tiny thing just to get to the 50$ minimum, or it would have been over 20$ of shipping fees for me…


The box arrived at home and it was a registered package.


It did arrived a bit broken on one side, everything seemed to be in there…


See that hole on the side.

I don’t know if customs were sick or something but they actually did not check my package.

It was a big box and it clearly mentioned that the content was worth more than 50$.


I got lucky I guess !

Open sesame

I was a bit scared because of the big hole on the side, but when I opened everything seemed fine.


Everything was bubble wrapped so it’s impossible for things to have dissappeared.

After unbubbling everything, here it is.



Everything was there, no free samples are given when you order on their shop.

That’s why you always have to look out for their special events.


This is something I’ve been wantibg to buy from their site.


It’s the Curl fix set which comes with 2 eyeshadows and an eyeliner.

At some point this only cost 15$, but it’s now back at 20$.

I’ve been waiting for the free shipping event and now it’s mine.

Can’t wait to use it.


I bought another Wonder pore freshner of 500ml and I got this discovery kit for free! SCORE

The masks are not mine but they were also a steal : it was only 0.8$ per mask.

And finally my last item , a bling prism nail polish just so I can reach the 50$.


I must say that hand drawing is a bit weird, but the shade does look nice.

So that’s my haul for this time.

Always super happy that the items were shipped super quickly and everything was safely packed.


I just hope that Etude House will be even more generous and give out samples sachet in every order.

Please make the free shipping event lower so I would buy more lol.

I highly recommend you join their newsletter so you are always aware of their events!

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