Review A’pieu Glow moisture multi balm

Hey all,

It’s already mid October…and all I can think of is Christmas already!

But before that I wanted to share with you all another product that I’ve added to my skincare routine.

It’s A’pieu glow moisture multi balm.


Well here in Belgium, it is getting colder and runny nose is in fashion again… and it’s only in fall!

So because it’s getting cold, and skin gets dry so it was the perfect time to open this balm.


Thanks to my current routine, I have finally been able to control oily skin.

Because it’s not summer anymore, it’s also easier to moisturize my face without looking like a disco ball.

I discovered this product a couple of years ago again when I first visited Seoul.

The sales clerk told me this was a great product to use if you want the dewey look, but you can also use it to moisturize dry spots on your face.

I only started using this last month because I was looking through my stuff, to check if I had a richer cream for my dry spots.

The packaging

This balm comes in a round tin : it looks like a metal box but I think it’s more plastic as it’s very light.


The packaging is pretty simple : a metal tin round box with a mirror like effect.
Of course to keep it cute, the label is pink with flowery drawings.


On the back there is Korean explanation.

This was only protected with a plastic film so there was no box with further information.


The box is a nice size, not too big or too small.

It looks quite sturdy but the opening isn’t really : you just lift it up.


There really isn’t any type of blocking mecanism of it, so I wouldn’t bring this around as I would be too scared for it to be opened by accident.

The balm

This balm is pink from the container.


It’s a block of product inside the tin can.

This is scented and has a citrus but flowery scent which is quite nice.

You might think this will turn pink on the skin but it doesn’t.


Once applied on the skin, it’s transparent and gives your skin this “glow” effect.

It’s not sticky at all and melts on the skin easily.

How to use it

There are actually 2 ways to use this :

1. You can use it under your BB cream to give this inner glow look.

So it would be glow balm -> primer -> BB cream

2. You can use it to give extra moisture on your skin.

This is to be applied as the last step of your skin. After your moisturizing cream.

That is exactly how I use it.

Every morning, after applying my moisturizer I apply this balm around my mouth and my nose.


I just apply it with a finger : I take some of the product on my finger.

The more I turn my finger on the balm, the faster it melts.

The balm really melts on the skin and after a couple of minutes, it’s no longer visible and no stickiness.


I think this product is very ingenious.

It really feels and looks like you’re applying a lip balm, but it’s not!

It’s not sticky or super shiny like a lip balm 🙂

The scent is really nice as it is not too strong.

My dry patches are gone so I will be sure to use this all winter long.

You do have a lot of product, 20gr to be exact.

This will last quite a while.

People might think it is a bit unhygienic because I use my finger, but it’s the best way to get the product as it melts with your body heat.


If you guys are looking for a cheap and handy way of giving extra moisture to dry spots on your face, THIS IS YOUR PRODUCT!

It smells nice, melts away on your skin, and goodbye dry skin.

I have combi/oily skin and this works well on me, no bad reaction at all.


Do let me know if you’ve used this before and do you have other tricks or products for dry spots?

See ya next time.

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