Unboxing Testerkorea order

Hey all,

I finally received my Testerkorea order.

This was delayed as I ordered  it during the week of chuseok.


I was excited as I ordered some of the Doraemon goods!

As usual my Testerkorea order came in a sturdy plastic box.


The value of the item was less than what I actually paid!


Once opened everything seemed to be in order.

I can confirm that they still give out samples. But then again I did buy for almost 50,000₩.

The content

Everything was bubble wrapped, which is always a good sign.


But then when I started unwrapping I saw this.


The A’pieu lip tint leaked!!!!
And that wasn’t it…


My very first Aritaum mono eyes was completely shattered to pieces… TT__TT

Two of my items were broken.

I immediately contacted Testerkorea and sent pictures of my items.

Hopefully they will respobd quickly and either replace or refund me.


The rest of the items seemed fine : the BBia pigmeny did have a bit of glittet here and there but the openings were intact so that is okay.


Here is my full haul :

•Bbia × Mood Indigo pigment set
•Etude House eyelash curler
•10 x the face shop blanclouding cream
•A’pieu Nonco tea tree stick
•2 × A’pieu Nonco tea tree spot patch
•A’pieu Doraemon cushion blusher in pink 01
•A’pieu Doraemon Jelly Marmalade in Cherry
•Aritaum Mono eye eyeshadow in 109

I’m not entirely happy with my purchase, but hopefully Testerkorea will pull through and solve the issue with my order.

UPDATE: I sent an email yesterday showing that 2 of my items were broken.
They replied today very sorry of what happened with my order.

They offered 2 solutions :

• they can refund me on my PayPal account or internal account
• they can send me the broken items with my next order…

Guess which one I picked? ☺

We’ll see each other soon Testerkorea!

3 thoughts on “Unboxing Testerkorea order

    • Lol Halloween themed siya 🙂
      Diba! Super cute kaya I couldn’t resist. Meron din nga eyeshadow palette at cushion si Doraemon talaga. Yes sure! I will review them. And take loads of pictures :3

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