Hell yeah I love it when it’s christmas everyday!

I have been on a lucky streak these past few weeks.

I received some notifications I won some giveaways… some I don’t even remember doing 🙂

This week I received some of them.

Do you want to see?


Well first of all I won a giveaway from Rituals! Remember I posted about their Tao set, well I also started following them on Instagram.

They have an ongoing giveaway this whole month where you can win one of their newest perfume every day.

I got a deluxe sample size of 2 of their new perfumes on my first purchase at their store and last week I got this!

It was super easy to contact them and they sent out the prize within a week.

The next day I got an email from L’Oreal telling me I won one of their icon beauty secrets pack.

I completely forgot I participated here so it was a super nice email to find.

This contest was on their website, lorealparisexclusive.


You guys should visit your favorite brands website and follow their newsletter!

Let’s unwrap it!!!

Today I went home and found this.


My prizes have arrived home.

It really felt like Christmas getting all these gifts and opening and unwrapping these goodies.

Let’s open the yellow envelop from the Netherlands.


It’s the Rituals Eau des Indes which I have won.

This is from their new eau de parfum range and cost 39€ here in Belgium.

I like that they inserted a handwritten note…even though my name is wrong by a letter but I forgive them 🙂

The scent is nice and fresh but still feminine. It’s not too light and perfect for the weather now.

The second pack, is the black bag from L’Oréal from Belgium.


Here again I got a note but much more generic.


I won the Eva Longoria Icons beauty secrets pack, the products target people around my age range, 30’s and up.


The pack contained a Revitalift day cream, an Elnett spray and an Elseve huile extraordinaire hair cream.

I would say the value of this pack would be around 30 to 40 € .

Not sure I will use all these products, but if they can turn me into an Eva Longoria, why not … lol

I should be so lucky lucky lucky lucky in giveaways

Yeah sorry lame joke… I had Kylie Minogue song in my head.

I am super happy I was chosen and got these prizes.

I will definitely use the Rituals perfume. They are giving me more reasons to visit their stores.

For the L’Oréal products, I will use the hair products.. but the cream maybe after I finished using my Asian skincare products.


Small tip everyone, Instagram is your friend. You should definitely try your luck as you never know, it might become Christmas wherever you are.


Thank you thank you very much to Rituals and L’Oréal!

I will definitely enjoy my prizes and say only good things about your products.

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