Unboxing Jolse order

Hello hello,

I placed a small order on Jolse recently so come and join me in my unboxing ☺


Jolse is a South Korea based Korean beauty product online store.

You must have heard about them, you can check their website and I highly recommend you follow their FB page as there are always some giveaways and other nice surprises!

My order

I placed my order on 5th Nov and it was sent out on 10th. I received my order on 19th.

Please note that this was not registered but it still took less than 10 days to arrive In Belgium.


My order arrived in a sturdy box.


The amount mentioned is lower : my order was worth around 25$ but it says it’s only 7$.

There goes the famous BAE !


When I opened my box, everything was safely packed! I can already see all the samples. Jolse is always oh so generous when it comes to samples.


Here are the 4 items which I have purchased :

Etude House Etti hairband
Purebess Galactomyces 80 eye cream
Cosrx acne pimple master patch
Cosrx blackhead silk finger balls


Here are all the samples I got with this order!

They had a special offer that if you buy Cosrx product you can get a sheet of Cosrx stickers and a pouch with Cosrx samples.

The other 6 samples are for the regular order, as well as blotting paper which I am in need right now. Sco~~~~~~~~~~re!


I’m again very happy with my shopping experience on Jolse.
The preparation of my order was pretty fast and it arrived safely!

I will of course review all the items in due time, but first let me share this selfie.


♡This hairband is sooooooo cute! Now I understand why so many people are going gaga over this.♡

It’s super soft and the band is wide on the front, which is perfect to stop the hair from going all over your face when you are following your skincare routine, when you’re washing your face.

Did I mention how cute it is :mrgreen:


That was my order and experience with Jolse.

It’s always so easy and pleasant to shop there.

Do go check their store, and follow their FB. You won’t regret it


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