Review Koelf pearl shea hydro gel eye patch

Hello everyone,

I am super happy to inform you that I was chosen as one of the lucky winner of these eyes patches on Jolse.

Here is my review for these eye patches.


At the end of last month, Jolse had a giveaway on their facebook where they would be giving out Koelf eye patches for review.

I won the pearl & shea butter version!


I honestly do not know much about Koelf so this was a real discovery for me.

The packaging

Firstly I got my prize 2 weeks after the winners were announced.


I got my prize in a box with some samples!


The eye patches comes in a cute pink box.


There are unfortunately no English explanation on the box.


When you open the box, there are more explanation in Korean.


Here is finally the container of the eye patches, it also comes with a plastic spatula to separate the patches and to take it out.


You’ll also see that at the bottom of the container you can find the production date and the expiration date.

You also have 24 months to use it once opened.

The patches

This box contains 60 patches, if you use it everyday this can last up toba month.


These patches are safely sealed with an aluminium cover. Once removed, you can see the patches.


As you can see these patches are white and are quite drenched in serum/essence.


To take a patch, you need to use the spatula to separate it from the next one.
These patches are in the shape of comma, to easily fit under the eye area.

Since there were no instructions on how to use it on the box, I checked Jolse’s page and found this.


This is what it should look like on you.

On my face

I washed my face before applying these patches so here are my eyes before applying it.


As you can see I do have some lines here and there and a bit of dark circles.


After 30 minutes I removed the patches.

I did notice that my under eyes were a bit brighter. The lines were still there but it wasn’t as dry as before.

My under eyes are soft to touch now.


My under eyes did feel more moisturized and not sticky at all!

Now about the application of these patches, it can be a bit tricky.
You need to play around to finally be comfortable in wearinf them.


Because these patches contains so much product, one of the patches kept sliding down. After a minute or two it finally stayed put and stayed until the end.


I should mention that these patches are hydrogel patches. It feels quite cool when you apply it. Once you’re finished with it, it will still be sticky.


These Koelf pearl & shea hydro gel eye patches are pretty nice.

• this is a bit scented but it’s not too strong. You can only smell it if you put it close to your nose.
• because these are hydrogel patches, they feel quite cool under the eyes
• it brightens the under eyes thanks to the pearl extract
• I do feel it moisturized my undereyes quite nicely
• good longevity of the product
• nice that a spatula is included for hyegenic purposes
• priced fairly at 11.03$ on Jolse

• the patches can be a bit hard to place first
•  not for people who do not like hydrogel patches

If you guys would like to try extra care product for your eyes, this is a nice treat.


I’ve never tried products from this brand so I was nicely surprised by this.

I will definitely check out more of their products.

You can buy this item on Jolse here : there are actually 3 versions of these patches and it costs 11.03$.

Thanks again Jolse for this opportunity! Hope I’ll get another chance to review items for you 🙂


This item was sent to me for free, but the review is honest and not biased at all.


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