Review A’pieu x Doraemon jelly marmalade in Cherry

Happy Sunday everyone!

Brussels is now almost back to normal and the tension in the country is slowly dissipating which is a relief.

So let’s get back to beauty reviews :mrgreen:

Today I would like to share my review of A’pieu x Doraemon jelly marmalade in cherry.


I noticed that the latest trend with Korean brands is to use these cute characters we all grew up with, well people from my generation anyway.

It goes from Disney characters like the Disney princesses, Alice in Wonderland, to cute characters like Snoopy, the Kakao talk icons and here Doraemon.


This collection came out mid-year which has eyeshadow, cushion blush and BB and of course this jelly tint.


These colors are perfect for spring/summer as they are light.

As you know A’pieu is a very affordable brand, but this doesn’t mean that the packaging or quality is crap! It’s usually cute and good!

The packaging

This liptint does not come in a box, not is there any plastic wrap. I think this explains why this leaked when I got it from testerkorea.


The only protection is the small sticker seal on the cap. It is however made of solid but light plastic so it can be theown around… but travelling putting it in your pocket might not be advised.


The nice is pretty handy too as it is not too small, but not too long as well.


Of course, you have Doraemon’s face on the packaging. This changes for each tint color, which is pretty cool.

The application

The applicator is in a doe foot form. I think this is a pretty perfect form for this tint as you apply it until the sides of your mouth.


This jelly tint also has a nice cherry smell, but it’s not overly sweet. You can smell it if you sniff the applicator. LOL


This liptint also has a different consistency as it is a jelly type. I tried taking a picture of it. It has lots of air bubbles inside and it looks a bit like aloe vera gel. Or a bit like those lava lamps.


Here is the swatch on my hand : because of the jelly texture, it gives this wet look.
The cherry shade is a dark reddish pink.


Here it is on my lips. I did not apply any lipbalm. This is one layer of jelly tint.
I quite like the color as the tint on my lips turned into a raspberry red and can be worn for a daily look.

BUT, after applying this I did feel my lips tingling because it was drying up. And it also has this bitter yucky taste. DO NOT LICK YOUR LIPS when you have this on, even though it smells good.


I would highly advise to apply lipbalm afterwards. It will hydrate your lips, and give extra shine to your lips. I felt the color popped even more with the balm on top!


The Doreamon collection is very cute.
I’m sure this will be calling out your name because it’s so affordable and the colors offered is quite wearable.


Would I buy more from this collection?
YES definitely! They even came out with a Christmas collection… let’s see if I can resist.

To sum up this review :


– super cute packaging
– very pretty wearable shade
– easy to apply and spread because of the jelly texture
– staying power regular
– very affordable at less than 4000₩
– a have to buy for any Doraemon fans
– has a nice smell that is not overly sweet


– this has a bad bitter taste
– you can feel your lips drying after application
– mine leaked on the way, so this might not be travel safe


I will definitely be using this for a splash of color on my lips… but with lipbalm 🙂

Let’s see what I’ll get next from this collection!

See you next time.

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