First day of Christmas with The Body Shop

Everyone it’s December!!!

Meaning it’s almost Christmas and my December started wonderfully!

I just received my prize from The Body Shop today ☺.


You know how much I love giveaways and freebies, well I participated in The Body Shop’s giveaway this November where you had to share a “Feel so good” moment.

This was mine.

Last Monday, the winner was announced on Facebook.


Tadah! I was chosen…

The prize

Within a week, they replied and informed me that they would send out my prize and it arrived today.


A small brown box was waiting for me when I got home.


I really did not know what to expect, but I knew it would be makeup of some sort.


Here it is!!! It looks so good under the Christmas tree.

I received 6 items where the total value is I think around 60€ to 80€ worth!


I received 2 nail polish in Nail Sequins Gold and Nail Colour Shade Gold Metal.


Another product I  got was a Lip & Cheek stain Scarlet.


For the face I received a Wonderblur.


I also got this super cute body sparkle spray called The Sparkler.


The last product is an eyeshadow palette in Grooving Gold.

I’m super happy with this prize : the colors are perfect for a end of the year look. It’s sparkles all over, but trying to keep it natural thanks to the Wonderblur and tint.


Thank you The Body Shop and thank you Nicky for this wonderful selection.

I will sure be playing around with these products while looking fantastic.

The Body Shop got me feeling so good this December 🙂

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