Review It’s Skin macaron lip balm in strawberry

Happy Monday everyone!

As it is getting colder, we are all looking for more moisturizing  products. We shouldn’t forget to take care of our lips!

Today I would like to share my review of It’s Skin macaron lip balm.


Macarons, who doesn’t love them?!?
It’s such a cute dessert and the filling really makes the difference.

When I saw this macaron from It’s Skin , of course I was interested.


I bought mine when I was in Seoul 2 years ago. I must admit, the scent of this product is really strong… so I picked the one with the less artificial smell.

The packaging

This macaron comes in a transparent plastic box where you can clearly see the product.


The macaron is the same color as the scent. Mine is pink because it’s strawberry.


There is no mention of ingredients in English. The only English found is the phrase on the front of the box.


Once removed from the box, this is what it looks like. A cute and handy sized lip balm.

The product

This lipbalm has a screw top cover.


It is easy to open and close : you won’t have any issues of this opening by mistake.


See it’s sealed tight when closed properly.

The lipbalm is pink but this does not provide color.


It has a pretty thick consistency, but it is easy to spread on the lips.

This also has a strawberry candy scent, but it doesn’t have a taste.


I apply it with a lip brush, for hygienic reasons and because I don’t want sticky fingers.


Here are my lips before and after application.

I don’t feel this is sticky on the lips. It sits pretty comfortably.

I do feel it does moisturize my lips pretty good.

At night, I butter up my lips with a thick layer like lip mask. In the morning, my lips are soft and moisturized.

When I wear it during the day, I apply it on my lips and on top my lip color of the day. The moisturizing feeling will stay until midday, when it’s time to eat.


This is a nice lip balm product.

I obviously like the packaging, which is the main reason why I bought it.


It does the job, but it’s not really a must have. If it didn’t come in the macaron design, I don’t think I would buy it again… plus the scent is very strong.

It would have been nice if it came with an applicator.

I warn you though that these have very artificial scent, so if you don’t like strong scents in your beauty products, you should skip this.


Hope you enjoyed this review, let me know if you also get attracted with food related beauty products!

See you tomorrow ☺

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