Half of December is done already!

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it, in 10 days it’s Christmas!


Yes yes yes… christmas christmas!

Today at work, I got another surprise from my secret santa.


Clementines and sweets!

This weekend I went to Rosada outlet and I only bought beauty products.


I found these Purederm masks in one of the stores. This cost 5 Eur for 4 masks. I also got some beauty tools from The Body Shop and a Christmas snow ball/ music box.

Amd after an outlet tour, we always stop by a KFC for some chicken.


Mmmm chicken! We don’t have it here in Belgium so we always need to cross the border to get some chicken.


Forgot to show you this giant shoe where you can try and guess how many light are there. But for once I passed on a giveaway.


Annnnnnnnd I found these at the chinese supermarket!  Stik-O biscuits in Pandan and Ube. You rarely find them nowadays so I had to get me these.
They always remind me of my holidays in the Philippines.


Dinner today is a waffle and a smoothie

So these were my tidbits for today… I’ll continue eating my “dinner” after this…


See you tomorrow for another day in December!

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