Unboxing black Friday order from Testerkorea

Omg just one more week of sleep and it’s Christmas!

Tomorrow I will finally receive my gift from my secret santa… and give mine as well!


But before that, let me share the unboxing of my black Friday order from TesterKorea.


I ordered this during the black Friday week special sales and it arrived in Belgium on 15th December.
Even though I placed my order on 29th November, this was only shipped on 7th December.

My package came in a very familiar plastic box!


Upon opening, it was full of those packaging popcorn thingy.


And these are the items which I purchased during the sale:

○ Lee Ji Ham tea tree essence
○ Nature Republic bee venom treatmeny spot
○ Missha super aqua pore correcting blackhead melting oil gel
○ Skinfood propolis nourishing lip oil

They gave some samples and remember my last order when 2 items were broken, well they sent it again. And everything was in one piece!


After placing my order, I sent an email to Testerkorea’s customer service and they confirmed they would send out the items with my new order.


Here is my full order. I had to get the Lee Ji Ham esence as I saw so many bloggers on Instagram raving about this, specially people with problem skin.

The only annoying thing is when I first saw this, it was 50% off. When I was about to complete my order,it said it was out of stock, but actually they changed the promotion to 30% instead of 50%… too bad.

All in all this cost me 50,000 ₩ where 6,500₩ was for shipping. I’m pretty happy with my purchase!


I received another surprise in the mail today.. it’s my very first Gudetama!!

In case you don’t know this is a sunny side up egg on top of a toast. Hehehe

Well that was black Friday order… I already have my eye on more stuff from Testerkorea… but I should look away. ☺

See you guys tomorrow.

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