Sunday oh Sunday you came and left like the breeze

Happy Sunday everyone!

It’s the last Sunday before Christmas.
Meaning next Sunday Christmas is over and no more food gathering of any sort… for this year


Today we went on a small road trip.

When on the road, you eat what’s available. The choice we had was either KFC or Burger King.


This was our choice, more KFC with several dips to choose from.

After we were fueled up, and greased up, it was time for the main event.


Hello Roermond Outlet! Yes more shopping. Looking for a parking space was very time consuming, but we got there eventually.

I liked how they decorated the place, these toy soldier nutcrackers were everywhere and blended pretty well with the decor.


After much walking, checking out the items on sale, we were tempted by this sweet cinnamon scent… churros were calling us out on the streets. I had to buy a pack and they were really good!

I can’t complain, the cinnamon sugar was just perfect.


There were a lot of people in and out the shops, but it was still quite enjoyable. All the Christmas lightings around made it really look magical. It was like the autumn leaves were turned to fairy lights.


Before we knew it, it got darker and the lights shined even brighter. This didn’t stop all the determined shoppers to spend as much as possible.

I must say I was looking for new sneakers for my gym class, but I didn’t find anything that suited my taste or feet.


After 3 hours of window shopping, we finally arrived at the plaza of Roermond where this giant Christmas tree was lit up. It was really pretty to look at. Around the Christmas tree were several stacked up book where people could sit upon… or take pictures. I did both.


We walked a bit more to finish the village and left before closing time.

I was not able to buy the items I was looking for, but that’s okay. That  just means I need to go shopping some more.

I did buy some beauty products here and there and some new Vans slip on.

That was my Sunday, walking and shopping around in another country.

It was fun and definitely tiring, but the weather was nice so I can’t complain.

See you next time

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