I got a BAE

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year and for a fresh new start at life!

I’m super happy that I was able to challenge myself and post something everyday in december. It was a good effort and now I have nice memories of 2015

Right before christmas there was so many promos and I went for it.

One of them was Jolse’s random box.


From what I read this is a new concept for Jolse.

I’m used to fukubukuro from strapya, where at the end of the year mystery bags are sold at a super affordable price. You get several items pretty cheap, but you can’t pick what’s inside.


I saw this offer before Christmas and said to myself “hey why not?”.

There were 2 types of boxes, one at 19.98$ and the other at 29.98$.


The concept of the box is that you get to pick the main product, which is one of Jolse’s bestseller and the rest is a surprise. If you opted for the most expensive one, you get a Cosrx diary.

I opted for the Elizavecca mask as I wanted to try it out.

I placed my order on 22nd Dec and it was shipped on 24th : it arrived today 7th Jan 2016. It took 2 weeks to get here!

The box


This actually came in a pretty big box. I was so surprised.

I knew it was Jolse because it said “BAE” ☺


They also did not mention the real value, so this is always good for customs. I don’t have to pay extra!

And the content?!?


Let’s start with the samples
•5 Tony Moly samples :
– Panda’s dream white magic cream
– Banana hand milk
– BCDation in shade n°3
– 2 Floria brightening peeling gel
• Luke charcoal nose cleansing strip
• Lioele waterdrop sleeping pack
• Jolse blotting paper


My main item was the Elizavecca Milky Piggy carbonated bubble clay mask. The 5 items I got were :
• The face shop aloe fresh super moisture gel
• The face shop Lovely me:ex make up base in shade 02 (purple primer)
• Tony Moly Pink Light Kiss lover style lipstick in shade SG05
• Milky Kiss anti trouble refresh moisture
• The face shop Trendy Nails basic original in Neon002


All in all I would say it’s a very nice mix of products : there are skincare products and makeup.

It would have been nice if there was a bit more of a mix as I did get 3 items from The Face Shop.


I must say out of the 5 extra items received, I’ve only heard of the makeup primer. All the others are a mystery to me. Hopefully the Milky Kiss moisturizer will be nice.

The shade of the nail polish is too bright for me, but maybe I’ll find a way to wear it.

For less than 20$, this box is not bad. You get a very popular product and other not so, it’s a good chance for you to try something out at a cheaper price.

I checked the expiration date and they are all due in 2017, no worries in having expired products!

If you want to try your luck as well, go to Jolse now. This special offer is from 21st Dec until 10th Jan 2016.

You still have a couple of days to order your box!

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