Unboxing Etude House Global order

Hey all, I have another unboxing for you all because well I don’t want Christmas to be over yet!

This time it’s an order from Etude House Global.


Right after Christmas Etude House sent out an email after Christmas saying they had this special sale.


It was 30% off the whole store!

So I said okay, this could be my gift to myself.

And there I was again browsing through a web store and adding items to my cart. In the end I placed my order and paid 47$, where 20$ was deducted.

I placed my order on 26th December and it was sent out the next day : shipping was free because my order was worth over 50$.

It arrived today on 13th January 2016 in Belgium.

My package

As usual, my order arrived in a brown box with Etude House plastered everywhere.


On the customs sheet, the amount paid is mentioned : the actual value is not mentioned.


This is set as a gift and it clearly say “Cosmetics”.

Once opened here is what it looks like.


First off, you have this sheet which mentions all the ordered items but no value is marked.


Then all the bubble wrapped products : everything looked in order, nothing was broken.


Here is everything unboxed :

– Play 101 stick in n°12
– Play nail polish
– nail sticker
– my beauty tool to remove peach fuzz from your face
– Snowy Dessert lovely apricot set
– Snowy Dessert fresh apple set

As usual no samples were given.. booh

I was also a bit dissappointed with set as I was expecting to receive them in cute box sets.


I wanted the cute boxes too 😦 but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.


I am quite happy price wise because it’s like I only paid for the sets and the other products were free!

I just hope they won’t remove the 50$ free shipping promo and that they would finally give out samples when you order.

Everything was safely packed, nothing was broken which is always a good thing.

If you want to buy the sets, they are still available and it’s only for 22.75$ on Etude House global each.

Sorry I’m too addicted to Etude House because they always such cute products.

Well, see you next time and don’t get too addicted to cute stuff like me ☺

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