Review Etude House Play nail polish in 376 in wine maple

Hello everyone!

Time sure flies by fast. The first month of 2016 is almost here.

And winter is surely making us remember it’s here.

So because I don’t really feel like going out, I’m home staying out of the cold. So I have time to paint my nails from my latest Etude House haul, the Etude House play nail polish in 376 wine maple.


Last Christmas, Etude had this special sale on their website and decided to get a new nail polish because the color was just too pretty.

I decided to opt for this color as it looked perfect for that fall/winter look.


This cost 3.30$ but I basically got this for free thanks to the 30% off offer at the time.

The packaging

This nail polish comes in a regular tube like bottle. It does have this cute leaves design on the top.


The reference of the color is on the other side of the cap, here it’s 376.

There is no mention of ingredients and this did not have extra plastic packaging when I received it.


This has a screw top opening so it’s pretty easy to open and close.

The texture of this nail polish is also very good : no too thick or too water.
It’s super easy to apply and spread on your nail.

The brush is square and not too short, it’s easy to handle and get to corners.

The color

The shade 376 wine maple is a dark burgundy purple which has a bit of a pearlescent effect. This does not give a matte finish.

I applied 2 layers to have perfectly covered nails. I did not apply any topcoat, to test out how long it would stay intact.


Indoors, the shade can look a bit chocolatey but it still has that pretty shine, which gives this a pretty adult and sofisticated look.

Outdoor, you can see that the shade is a dark aubergine color, just like in the bottle.

After a week, this is how my nails looked like.


It lost a bit of it’s shine, but didn’t chip much. Just on the sides, from typing and other daily chores.

This nail polish passed the test!

I’m sure with a topcoat on, the color would be even shinier and last a bit longer.


This is another purple shade nail polish from Etude House which I love and this shade is really perfect for winter.

It’s easy to apply and is super resistant to everyday life.

It’s also super affordable at 3.30$, from the global store

If you are looking for a nice dark colored nail polish, but with a shine, you definitely try this shade out.


See you next time! Do cover yourselves up when venturing outside.

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