Review Clio Style in perfume ver1 Waterful hand cream

Hi everyone,

Welcome to February! This week was quite busy for me … and tiring 😑

But but I always have something to share with all you kbeauty addicts.

Today I would like to share my experience with Clio style in perfume ver1 waterful hand cream.


As you may know Clio is known for their wonderful gel liners and “Kill” line and for always having wonderful and very popular female model. I discovered this brand when Sandara was chosen as the brand’s new face.


Clio professional is a brand for women, above the age of 20, explaining why they always take more “mature” models. They also have skincare products sold under “Goodal” and a younger, with a sweeter image, makeup collection under “PeriPera”.

The packaging

As you may know, I am quite addicted to hand creams. I have a drawer full, and I sometimes forget about them.

This is the case for this handcream : I bought this on my first ever trip to Seoul. But now it’s time to use it!


This hand cream comes in a plastic tube which contains a pretty generous 50ml. This is wrapped in plastic, it does not come in a box.

It’s in a blue shade packaging, to enhance the “water” aspect of this cream.


This cost me 6000₩ back then. There is no explanation of the product in English, just Korean.


This is actually a cream from the Style in Perfume collection. I’ve never seen the other two, and have not seen this being sold online 😯

The cream

What makes this cream so special, is the water effect.

When I tried this in store, I remember saying “WOW!” Why? Because this cream turns into water when you apply it!


This is how it first looks like : it’s in a whitish opaqye gel like texture.

This is also scented, this one is “tender baby fragrant. It does smell like baby powder.

I really like these type of scent. I don’t feel this is too strong, it won’t hurt your nose 🙂


When you start spreading the cream, you’ll see the cream turn into a transparent and watery gel.

You’ll sometime also see some water drops forming, it’s really magical!

After a couple more seconds, it starts being absorbed and you have this dewy effect.


After a couple minutes, your hands are completely dry and does not leave a greasy film!

You can grab onto things easily and won’t end up with slippery hands.

The scent stays there for quite some time, and your hands are soft.


This is a very nice cream :

♡I love the scent, baby scented products are usually winners in my book!
♡I also really like the “water effect”, which makes this cream quite unique
♡This is also non sticky so you can grab onto things and work with your hands
♡ It does moisturize hands in a fairly good amount
♡ Good amount available of 50ml

The bad is that this may no longer be available 😵


If you do have a chance at finding this cream, you should definitely try it out and experience the magic of a cream turning into water!

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