Review Confume Argan treatment straight cream

Hey everyone,

Today I would like to share with you this hair treatment I won on an Ebay auction.

It’s Confume argan treatment straight cream.


I actually never heard of Confume before. The only place I found Confume products is on Wishtrend, but never this set.

I found this set on Ebay for around 6 Eur on auction … and I won.

This hair treatment apparently helps in straightening all types of hair.

Let’s see if it’ll work on my hair.

The packaging

My set did not come in a box. This set contains 2 creams and a comb brush.

Since this didn’t come in a box, I had to google the instructions.


The creams come in plastic green tubes with illustrated argan fruits.

The only English writing found are the names of the cream.

How to use

So how do you apply this?

First of all, you will need the following items.


You will need latex gloves and a bowl to apply the first treatment cream.

This treatment is to be applied on clean hair.


These are additional things you will need to do this treatment at home : a place to clean your hair, a comb, a hair dryer and hair clips.

This do it at home treatment should take you at hour. So do this on a day when you have time.

Step by Step

So the first thing is to comb your hair.

And I highly recommend to do the first step in a well ventilated room, because the cream smells bad. It smells as bad as when you dye your hair.


First thing first, after combing your hair it’s time to use the first cream on your hair. I applied it on dry clean hair.

The tube is sealed, once opened, you will smell the chemicals.

To apply it, empty the tube of cream 1 into your bowl and apply it on your hair with the brush.


This is my hair before : my hair is wavy and thick. It has natural volume thanks to the curl.


I then applied the straightening cream all over and tried concentrating on the front part.

The cream smelled bad but it wasn’t as bad when on my hair.

You should leave this one from 5 to 20 minutes. Because I was scared to harm my hair, I only left this for 10 minutes.


While I waited, I enjoyed a nice cup of chai tea latte and some carrot cake… miam.


Then I rinsed my hair with lukewarm water and combed it.


You then need to dry your hair to first set the hair.

I was nicely surprised to see that my hair wasn’t damaged and didn’t feel britle at all.


Now time for Step 2, for the setting cream.

The second cream did not smell bad, it actually smelled pretty nice like a flowery scent. Because it didn’t smell so chemicalley, I applied this generously all over my hair with my hands.


My hair didn’t feel heavy despite the cream. It felt like having a hair mask on. You need to leave the second mask for 5 to 10 minutes.


You then need to wask your hair again with lukewarm water.

The water will go white and a bit bubbly. First thing I noticed was how sodt my hair was after. But the chemical scent from the first cream was still there. My hair didn’t smell all that good.


I dried my hair again and this was the result…

The result

Well it didn’t look like it worked on me. My hair was still wavy.

But when I compared my hair before, I did see a small difference.


My hair wasn’t that wavy anymore. I lost a bit of the volume.

It worked a bit, but not as advertised.

So did it work? I would say no. My hair is still wavy, but it has less volume. The effects apparently last for a month or two.

The next day, my hair still smelled chemically. After a week, even after washing my hair several time, the bad smell was still there 😑.


But my hair is quite soft and didn’t dry out.

Would I recommend this? No because of the bad smell that was left on my hair. And my hair is still wavy after this.

Maybe it will work better on less wavy hair. But for me it’s a no.

I’ll stick to my Steampod for now.

See you next time!

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