Review A’pieu x Doraemon air-fit cushion blusher in PK01

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to share my experience with my first cushion blusher.

It’s with the ever so cute collaboration of A’pieu with Doraemon!


If you remember, A’pieu came out with this cute collection last year. They even had a Christmas collection and more products which came out this year.


I purchased a lip tint which I reviewed here and now I felt it was time to test out this baby!

Doraemon was used to illustrate the airfit cushion, and Dorami, Doraemon little sister, was used to illustrate the cushion blusher.

I purchased my blush on Testerkorea but I’m sure you can find it on other stores.

The packaging

This cushion comes in a cute box with Dorami’s face on the front.


The box is white and yellow, like the character and the same colors can be found on the cushion itself.


On the side of the box, the color code is mention and even the date of production.


There are more writing in Korean on the side. You can also see that once opened, this should be used within 12 months.

The cushion

Once removed from the box, you have a round cushion, which is slightly smaller than a bb/foundation cushion.


The cushion has a mirror inside. There is also a sticker to seal the product: you just need to remove it to start using it. This comes with a small cushion puff. It’s small but I find it’s perfect to just apply on the cheeks.


I originally wanted to buy a more peachy color, but it was out of stock so I opted for a pink blusher, in PK01.


When I pressed the puff on the cushion, the color didn’t show up much on the puff.

I then applied it on my hand, and wow it was very pink. I blended it a bit more and it looked better.

Indoor, the pink was quite visible, but outdoor it was quite natural.

The color

I was a bit scared this wouldn’t fit me, but after application I was quite happy of the result.


This cushion has a nice fresh Aloe scent. It also feels very fresh on the face : it’s moist and does not leave a sticky feel.

It is also very buidable, because it feels so watery. You won’t look like a crazy porcelain doll afterwards. Thank god!

The color gave me a nice flush of color on my cheeks, but after 2 to 3 hours, the color dissappears unfortunately.


You have to apply again and do some retouch for it to be visible again.

This did not irritate me, no itchiness and did not break me out.


This was my first cushion blusher.
The packaging is crazy cute and the size is indeed perfect to bring it wherever with you.

♢The color might not show up much on my skin, because I am not that fair but it still gave me a fresh natural look.
♢I am also a bit dissapointed that it does dissappear after 2-3 hours, but you can always reapply.
♢The texture feels nice on the face as it’s fresh and feels moisturizing. I also like the fresh scent of Aloe Vera.
♢This is also quite affordable because it’s from A’pieu.
♢The color is quite buildable
♢My skin did not react badly to this and no breakouts.


All in all, I am quite happy with my first cushion blusher.

I would definitely recommend it for people new to cushion blusher. You definitely can control the color outcome and the color will still look quite natural, which is a look I love.

If you’ve used a cushion blusher, or have other recommendation do let me know as I’m still a newbie to cushion blusher.

See you next time

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