The story of my life, my problem skin history

Hi everyone,

It’s Sunday and a new season is coming!

A new page is turning in all our books, we all have our own stories of how we deal with them.

Today I would like to share with you all, one of the biggest source of my insecurities, my skin.

Wow I might get emotional writing this, but I think it is now time to share my story. I now have more confidence and I’m not ashamed anymore.

As a teenager, I started having pimples, like many of us. It was at the time never a big of a concern as I had other concerns like school and fitting in.


These are my high school pictures, yes those cheesy picture you take at the beginning of each year.
I was skinnier at the time and my problem area was mostly my forehead and a bit on my cheeks. I never had a full blown pimple breakout.

At the time, my skincare was, well I didn’t have one. I washed my face with Clearasil and my face lotion was Nivea. Whenever we would go to the Philippines, I would then try out and buy products there. I would use Clean and Clear or Ponds and Eskinol. Typical Filipino basic skincare.

I finished high school and college with not much care given to my skin.

Then in 2010, I finally entered the workforce. That meant changing my routine, eating habits and … stress management. It also meant I now had an income!

With my first job came also skin concerns. I started having pimples. I tried to treat it with products sold in pharmacy. I was clueless what would be good/bad for my skin. The only thing I knew was that I had oily skin.
I started using Effaclar from Laroche-Posay.
In 3 weeks, my skin went from bad to worse. I went to the pharmacy again to try something else. I even told the pharmacist that Effaclar made my skin worse. The only answer she gave was because it is summer, it aggravated my skin and thus the big breakout.
But during that summer, there was no sun, I was always inside. I was never under the sun.

I then tried out Avène as I used to use their body wash when I was a kid for my eczema. This time, as an adult, it didn’t do much. The pimples were still there and weren’t healing at all.

In the summer of 2011, we went to the Philippines and that’s where I found the solution to my problem.


This was the state of my face. I hated it. It was red pimples everywhere on my face and it hurt.

The trigger

I never visited a dermatologist, as I had an acquaintance who went to a derma for her skin issues. She was given pills, her skin on her face cleared out but then she broke out on her back. I’ve never been good with medication so this solution didn’t appeal to me at all.

I liked Sandara quite a lot, still do, and it was that time when she was the model of Etude House. When I saw that there was an Etude House in SM Fairview I went in, and that’s where my love story with kbeauty started!

The Sales clerk was selling me the AC clinic line for my issues. I was offended at first, but then I thought why not. It was the best decision I have ever taken for my skin!

After a month or two, my skin calmed down and my skin cleared out!

I loved it and since then I never stopped using Korean and Japanese beauty products.


See how my skin cleared out perfectly. I don’t have any BB or CC on on any of these pictures. I was just so happy my skin looked great so I barely applied any makeup on my face. I loved it!

The change

In 2014, after my holidays I quit my job. I just couldn’t take it anymore and it was time for me to start a new chapter in my life. The first few month, I just took everything easily. I could finally relax. I just thought I would find a job after easily, but life won’t always turn out the way you want.

I started stressing and eating more, as it has been months and I still couldn’t find a job. I had no income and lived on my savings. That’s when I started participating in giveaways, to get products for free. I was lucky enough to win some giveaways.

I started blogging more as I had a lot of time. This was my break from the stress of finding a job.

I had discovered Wishtrend recently and there was an affiliate program you could apply to get a 25$ coupon. I applied and was able to get new products. One of the products I got was the C20 serum which started a whole new nightmare for me.


This was my face in April 2015, I had some imperfections here there and I was just looking for something that could help me brighten and make my skin look even clearer.

That’s when I started using the C20, but instead of brightening my face, it destroyed the balance of my face and started breaking me out badly.

I stopped using the C20 serum and started looking for products to get rid of my pimples and then tried out CosRX BHA A-sol line. This didn’t make things any better.


It started well the first two weeks, but then my skin was horrible to the touch. I had bumps here and there. My face was even oilier than before.

By this time it was July and I still hadn’t found a job. I was really stressed out and I gained almost 10 kilos. I had been jobless for almost 10 months and the job interview were scarce. My routine drastically changed. I ate at random time, slept only when I was sleepy. I was always on job sites looking for that one offer where I could apply to.

Let me tell you it was hard. You think you finally find something, but then you see you can’t apply because you don’t have the qualification. Or because it’s too far.

I was basically stuck at home, as I didn’t even have the money for transportation. I was on the verge of depression.

I guess my state of mind showed on my skin.


It was now August and my skin got even worse. The breakout on my cheek spread out along my jawline.

This was really the worst. My face hurt. Once a pimple dissappeared, two would appear. I hated the way I look. But for some miracle, I finally got some call backs and I went for interviews looking like this.

I was happy, but so ashamed of how I looked. I felt people were going to judge me even more, thinking I didn’t even know how to take care of myself.

I went to the interview looking like this and scared of applying makeup on my face, as I was too scared to infect my skin even more.

But finally I found my place and my future looked brighter. I found a job!

I had quit my job in August 2014 and left in September 2014. I got a job offer in August 2015 and started in September 2015. It took me a whole year to find a new job. In a year, my skin changed drastically. I hated the way I looked and lost a lot of confidence by then.


It was now September and I had new colleagues. I still felt quite insecure with my looks. For the first months, I had to follow training and that meant being up close with my new colleagues looking like this. I really felt they weren’t looking into my eyes, but rather at my imperfections.

I didn’t feel at ease at all. I had gained lot of weight so most of my clothes didn’t fit anymore… and my face was just urgh. Really I was always happy whenever the day was over.

I finally dared applying makeup by now. There was some family gathering I had to attend to. I could cover it a bit, but I still dreaded seeing people and greeting them.

But bit by bit, a routine started taking place again. I changed and tried out new products better fit for me.

New year, new skin
It is now 2016, and I finally felt more at ease with myself.

My skin cleared out little by little and my self confidence was coming back.


See how my cheek , where the breakout was the worst, changed and looked so much better!

Yes I finally turned things around. It was hard, but I finally saw the light.

It took me months, but I did it. If you are having/ had the same issues as I did, cheer up you can get through this! I know you can.

I learned a lot and I can take out a lot of lessons out of this. It’s still pretty horrifying seeing how I looked before, but now I’m not scared to share these pictures anymore.

My observation

First of all, we are all different, our skin will react differently. So reading that something worked on someone does not automaticaly mean it will work for you. Sad but true.

I will not put any recommendation because really, you need to listen to your skin.

In my case what happened is that, I was too harsh with my skin. I was too overzealous.

I tried a product to help get better skin, but this disrupted the balance of my skin. I then used another product and again it was too rough for my skin and it couldn’t take it at all.

My skin was completely in shambles, there was no possible way to control it just with skincare products.

Gaining weight, stressed 24/7, pressure from the family made my skin tired and uncontrollable.

I also noticed that some food triggered more breakouts.

If you want to get control of your skin, you have to find the triggers and change your lifestyle and get routine in place.

My tips

Here are my tips out of this bad experience I had :

♡ listen to your skin : if you have a bad reaction. STOP USING THE PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY!!!
♡ do not apply too many products at the same time. Make sure you respect the method of application
♡just because a product says it’s anti- imperfection, it doesn’t mean it will get rid of it in a flash. The Body shop’s tea tree oil ,for example, burned my skin and did not make things any better
♡try to find the cause of your pimples, if it’s because of hormones, tired skin or just clogged pores with dirt.
♡keep a food journal, I discovered that eating yogurts and drinking milk broke me out. Same thing when I eat something fried or any type of junk food.
♡ try to add exercise to your life. Sweating it out helps remove toxins from your body. I know it’s hard but give it a try.
♡drink water and tea. This again helps you cleanse your body and skin.
♡use extra care like sheet mask, face scrubs and other leave on masks to help regenerate your skin and add moisture back
♡try not to sleep on the side, because anything that touches your face can start a breeding ground for bacteria, for new pimples
♡try to keep a routine where you eat and sleep at a regular time
♡SLEEP!!! If you don’t sleep, you can’t recuperate
♡Take time in finding your skincare routine and stick to it. You need to religiously apply products if you want to see change. Yes it takes time, but I promise it will be worth it!


This is me now : this picture is not filtered and I did not apply any of my skincare yet. I just washed it with my facial cleanser.

There are still some imperfections here and there, but nothing too alarming or painful.

I’m almost back to how my skin previously was, there are always improvement but I am now more prudent with what I apply on my face.

I dream on getting my baby skin back again, but I know that it’s impossible.


The only thing I can do now is try to keep my skin moisturized and taken care of correctly, to stay young looking and feeling good about myself!

This was a looooooong post, I hope this will give some people courage if you have skin concerns. Your first enemy is yourself, you just need to understand what your body is trying to convey, but I know this is the hardest…

Well see you on the next post, if you want to share your skin stories, I would love to read about it.

5 thoughts on “The story of my life, my problem skin history

  1. hey kat, long time no comment ici! ton post me parle pcq depuis que j’ai eu de l’acné, je pense que je me suis jamais sentie aussi mal dans ma peau (au début surtout). ça m’a énormément compléxée. les regards qui tuent des gens comme si tu étais malade et que c’était contagieux. limite ils sont degoutés de voir ta tronche lol. quand on ne l’a jamais eu, on ne connaitra jamais ce sentiment. moral à 0 ou encore à -100000. mais par apres, on s’habitue aux regards/aux remarques, jamais gentils d’ailleurs. mais dès fois quand les gens insistent trop, ça devient difficle. tjs à expliquer pourquoi ci pourquoi ça, pour que les autres comprennent. comme si c’était de notre fautre et qu’on a voulu avoir ses maudits boutons sur le visage. pfff. en tt cas, je suis contente que ta peau aille mieux. moi j’ai encore du chemin à faire pcq ça a laissé bcp de traces et ça part lentement mais bon je perd pas espoir lol j’y pense plus trop sinon ça va encore plus me deprimer :s continue ton blog kat, il est super! 🙂

    • Salut Sarah! Oui ca fait longtemps! Mais quand on s’est vu parang ok na rin sayo ☺

      Oui sérieux le regard des autres fait mal parfois. Nahihiya tayo même si on ne devrait pas.

      Si seulement il y avait une aide miracle pour ces boutons!

      Je continue mes produits et si je trouve un qui peut faire tout disparaitre je te fais signe, je partagerai avec tout le monde.

      Allez kaya mo yan! Je suis la si tu veux en parler ☺

      Merci, lol c’est á cause de toi, non grace á toi que j’ai commencé á blogger😄

      Merci Sarah!

      • re-hello! :p ka miss pala mag comment! hahahah je devrai etre moins tamad >..< en plus dès fois les gens te fixent tellement que ç'est genant, et tu sais tres bien que ce sont les boutons qu'ils regardent lol mais bon par après on s'habitue!

        mais je suis partante pour tes produits à recommander qui ont bien fonctionné sur toi! là il me faut un truc pour faire partir les taches pcq ça se voit troppppppppppp -__-

        sinon good luck et encore une bonne continuation pr ton blog!

        – 1st fan/reader after cheche lol :p

      • Hehehe! May fanbase na ako! La je suis en trainde test un serum na normalement ca aide a brighten le skin. Je reviens vers tou dans 2 ou 3 weeks, si ca fonctionne ☺ j’utilise un produit de the saem qui es un wrinkle plumper mais je l’utilise pour eclaircir mes scars et ca fonctionne. Yung nga lang le vrai prix coute une fortune. Je l’avais eut a 11€ kasi je l’ai gagné sa ebay auction.

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