LIFE : living it fully everyday

Hi everyone!

I hope your week went well.

Here in Brussels, it was surreal, indescribable.

I am just thankful I am safe and alive, but I’m also sad and pained whenever I open the tv and see what hate made people do.

My only wish for now is that people get their senses right and see that killing unarmed innocent people around the world will never solve anything.

That airport is the one I always go to when travelling abroad.
That metro is the one my sister takes to go to school, the metro my uncle and aunt use to go to work. If my sister had taken the metro earlier, she could have been a victim of this horrible attack.

As soon as I heard that a bomb exploded in the metro, I had shivers and my body went into auto mode : I stood up and starting calling my sister. I wanted to cry as I couldn’t reach her.
After 10 minutes I finally heard my sister’s voice and I cried feeling relieved.
That was the most horrible feeling, thinking I would never see or hear her again, I can’t even …

My family was lucky and I’m thankful my sister missed that metro. Some unfortunately weren’t.

Despite all this, I shouldn’t let fear control my life and I should enjoy every minute of my life. Show my love to everyone I dearly care about.

Brussels is where I was born, where I grew up, studied and now where I am working. Where I became who I am.

I love this city as it is my “home”.  We shouldn’t let these barbaric action into our heart, and let hate gain the best of us.

5 thoughts on “LIFE : living it fully everyday

  1. So glad you’re safe! I was quite sure if you were going to make a statement on your blog, but found these words very moving.

    • Thanks, I’m glad the no one I know was hurt or injured.
      It’s not something you usually go through and I really hope this won’t be part of our everyday day life here. Again I’m just thankful to be alive and well.

  2. I am very happy to hear that both you and your loved ones are unharmed. I used to have to go to Brussels on a regular basis (I used to work in politics, so I’d have to go for EP-related matters.) I don’t do PC when it comes to terrorism, so for the reason of not messing up your message, I’ll keep my thoughts to myself. Let’s just hope no one will ever have to experience such terrifying tragedies ever again (one can dream.) ❤

    • Thanks. I just wanted to leave a note out there for my sake, as I had to get it out some way or another.
      But true we can only dream of a better place. Wishing and hoping one day, senses will kick in and see that violence is not the key to getting issues solved.

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