Wishtrend mini haul unboxing

Hey all,

So I got tempted again a couple of weeks ago.

Wishtrend had a special offer a couple of weeks ago where you could get free shipping. Let’s see what I got…


A couple of weeks, I saw that Wishtrend had a special offer where you could buy anything and the shipping would be free.
As you know, shipping is free if you reach 69$, or if you add a “free shipping” item.

And there I was eyeing something for a while, but I really did not want to shop for 69$. Thank god this offer appeared.

I placed my order and paid with my PayPal, but then baaaam error. I couldn’t confirm my order on the portal.

I got the confirmation email that the payment went through, but there was no sign that my order registered.

I sent an email to their customer service, but did not get a reply. So I went to the FB account and left a comment. Then I finally got a response saying I would get a reply soon.

I sent another email and finally after one more day I got a reply.

I first contacted them on 6th and my order was finally confirmed on 8th March.

My order was sent out on 10th March and arrived on 23rd March.

It was sent by registered mail, and shipping was free this time.

My package

My order finally arrived so here it is!


It arrived in a box with Wishtrend‘s logo.

The customs slip mentioned that the content was cosmetics and the value is 15$.

Nothing was broke, everything was safely packed.

Here is the content!


I just bought a Confume fragrant bubble hair dye. The C21.5 mask sheet and the chicao y chico mini creams were the samples given.

This just cost me 12.99$, so the value mentioned on the box is incorrect. But as long as it’s under 25$ I’m fine.


I still wished that Wishtrend had a lower amount for the shipping, but whenever they have special offer, I’m up for it.

If ever you have an issue with them, go to their FB account or IG. This will put pressure and you should then get a reply. That’s how it worked for me!

Have you ever had an issue with Wishtrend? Did it end well for you?

See you next time!

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