How to get to Silka Seaview Hotel

Hey everyone,

It’s the weekend and it’s been a week since I got home.

As posted before, I will share my holiday to Hong Kong here and give you tips, based on my experience

Yes I know it’s not beauty related, but it’s good to have a break now and then.

So if you want to know more about the hotel I stayed in, come check this post out.

I had booked my tickets back at the beginning of February as the prices were still ok. So as soon as it dropped below 600€, I grabbed my chance and decided to try out Emirates.
The good thing about this company is that you get 30kg for your luggages.

For all you shopaholics, this is good news.

From then on it was time to look for a hotel. I tried check hotel websites directly from Hong Kong but it was quite expensive.

So then I checked Agoda, AsiaRooms and and Airbnb.

On Booking I finally found some interesting places, I first wantrd to go for a guesthouse. But the guesthouse system in Hong Kong was different from Seoul, which I love.

The prices were actually as expensive as hotel, so I dropped this idea.

I then found the hotel from Silka where the reviews were decent, plus found that I can reserve online ( with a credit card) and then pay cash.

I checked the prices everyday as it would fluctuate quite a lot and at the beginning of March, I finally booked my room.

It cost me 350€ +10% charges, this was for a non smoking room for 2, with single beds.

After 2 weeks I rechecked the hotel and found that the room price went from 350€ to 270€. I was like, damn I should have waited longer, but what was done is done.

Silka has 3 hotel in around the same area, but I decided to go for the Silka Seaview hotel because it was closer to all the markets.

How to get to the bus stop

Now the question was how do I get from the airport to the hotel?

After researching, I found you had 3 options :

•By bus
•By metro
•By taxi

The taxi is the most expensive option, plus you need to be understood to get there.( around 300HKD)
The metro still expensive as you need to get on the express metro and switch afterward. Plus with a big luggage, it would be tiring and tricky.(around 250HKD).

So the only option left was the bus.

Once you arrive at Hong Kong International airport, you’ll be at terminal 1.

As soon as you pass customs, you’ll notice that the airport is very wide.

In front of you you’ll find places to eat and in between a round desk where to buy ab Octopus Card.

You’ll need this to travel around!

I bought mine for 150 HKD, where you already get 100 HKD to use. I topped mine up for 200 which was enough for my whole week of stay.

Now to find the buses, from this point on, just follow the crowd and walk straight on.

On your right, you should then see this big gate/ entrance.
On your left, there will be the helpdesk, a big staircase and the lift.


Follow the signs that says transport to mainland. It’s another wide hall.

Again just walk on straight and follow the crowd. You’ll then have an option to go left or right. Here just go left.
At the end of it, there should be another small helpdesk and a board with all the buses.

To get to Silka Seaview Hotel, you need to take the A21 bus.

Go out and walk until you find the bus stop. You will then need to line up and wait. There should be a bus coming every 12 minutes.

We waited a bit and there it was!


This is the bus stop, make sure you get on the A21 bus which is a cityflyer.

It’ll be a double deck yellow and red bus.

The price for a trip is 33HKD, you need to pay the right amount as they don’t give change. This is why it’s wise to get an Octopus card as soon as you get there.

You just need to swipe the card at the entrance and you’re good.

You’ll notice inside the bus that there is a special place to put all the luggages, put your luggage here and seat back and enjoy the ride.

This will take around 45 to 60 minutes. The bus driver here are good, it’s not as wild as the buses in Seoul. You can relax as there are no abrupt stops.

From the airport it should then take you 9 stops. The stop is Yau Ma Tei.

How to get to the hotel

Now that you’re in the bus, you can either count the stops or check the screen in front which should tell you where you are. You don’t need to request for the bus to stop, as it stops each time at the bus stop.

Small tip though, as soon as you are close to your stop, get your luggages out. It can be feel like a big puzzle game getting your luggages out!

Once you arrive at Yau Ma Tei, walk straight on and cross to get on the other side of the road.


To help, here is a little guide I used from Google Maps.
It really was just to cross over , turn left and walk straight on and you’ll find the hotel at the corner.

This video should give you an idea of the area and how to get to the hotel.

From the bus stop to the hotel, it takes about 5 minutes to get there.

At the hotel

First thing you do is go to the reception desk, which will be on your right. They speak basic English, but you will feel it’s more of a script than actually having a conversation with them.

They are quite brass, but I think that just how they are there.

They asked for the passport of the people staying and told them I’ll be paying in cash, which I did.
I paid for the amount I reserved plus the 10% charges and extra. But they told me they would give this back once I check out. I paid 3500HKD, and they gave me 266HKD when I left.

They then gave us our room key, which was a magnetic card.

Our room was room 414 on level 4 . My sister then told me we were on a very eerie level, as for Chinese people 4 is a bad omen because it means “death”.
I’m happy to report nothing bad or spooky cane to visit us.

To get to our level, we took the elevator and it was fairly sized as we got in with our luggages and two other people.

We finally got into our room and our first impression was wow, this is small!
The smell of humidity from the bathroom did not help as well.


But we finally settled in, once you turn the aircon on,the smell dissipated.

Once you enter the room, you have the bathroom to your left. The shower and toilet are separated by a shower curtain.

You’ll also find a mini fridge and a hanging space next to the bathroom.

In front of you, we had 2 single beds and there is a small table area on one side.

You also have a big window and place where you can sit or put your stuff.
You can’t open the window and our view was the alley, so nothing to see there.

We did find it strange that there was an ashtray, even though we requested for a non smoking room.

Recommended or not?

Now that I’ve stayed there, would I recommend it or not?

Well I’m on the edge for this one.

My first impression was bad, but all things considered it was ok.

The bad

As I mentioned earlier, when we first opened the door, we were shocked to see how small it was, as we had a bit of problem getting our luggages in. Plus the smell of humidity did not make it better.

Then we started looking around and found the room to be dirty and outdated.


There were dust filaments on the ceiling, you could clearly see fungus due to humidity in the bathroom and there was this red stain on the carpet.

Plus on our last night, I checked below the bed to see if nothing rolled under and found some trash from the previous guests.

So for cleanliness , they weren’t the best.

Plus every morning starting 6.a.m., you can hear the hotel staff “cleaning rooms” and vacuuming.

You can put a sign on your door asking for your room to be cleaned or not.

But even if you don’t put it up, they will come into your room, make your bed and give you “new towels”.

Let me mention that the towels were not in the best shape as well. Some had holes, even stains sometimes and clear signs of wear and tear, BUT they didn’t smell.

The rooms will look like the official picture but they won’t look as nice.

The good

But this hotel has good points as well!
The main reason why I opted for this hotel is because they provide a 4G smartphone with the room.


This has helped me find my way round Hong Kong.

You can even buy tickets to places through their app, but you need to pay with a credit card which I don’t have.

You also get strong WIFI connection in the room, which is always good if you want to contact people abroad and search for things on the internet, or upload your pictures travel.

There is always hot water when taking a shower, as I saw this was a concern in some hotels

There are loads of places to eat around the hotel. Really they had some many local food places where you can get something to eat starting 15HKD. I posted so many of them on my IG account.

The location is great : you are 5 minutes away from Temple street and one metro stop from Mongkok. And most importantly, close to the the bus stop to get to the airport.

At night , there is also a market near the hotel and it’s less crowded so you can easily buy your souvenirs and other gadgets there.

Despite the room feeling small at the beginning, the room size is okay for two people. Plus the ceiling are quite high so I didn’t feel too compressed in the room.

When you check out, you can request for them to keep your luggages and you can go about and come back afterwards.

You also get a mini fridge where you can store your drinks. Just don’t eat or drink the food provided by the hotel, as you have to pay for it.
There is also a boiler if you want to drink some warm drinks, a hairdryer and other toiletries in the room.

And they change the towels each day.


Those were my view on the hotel.

If you can get past the state of the hotel rooms, this hotel is quite okay because of it’s position and the amenities provided.
But yes my room was still quite expensive, as no breakfast was included.

If you look around, you can find cheaper and bigger hotel rooms but you won’t have the same advantages.

Despite all than, Silka Seaview Hotel is a good place to stay for a first timer like me.

Hope this helped and that you have a better image of this hotel and how to get there !

For more details on this hotel, you can check or Silka’s website.

See you on my next post ☺

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