Review Tony Moly Intense care galactomyces lite essence 96.5%

Hey everyone,


Just finishing the products from my winter skincare routine, and here is another one almost at the end.

It’s for Tony Moly Intense Care Galactomyces Lite essence 96.5%


So Tony Moly is another brand you must have heard about before. They usually have pretty good products for really reasonable prices.

Since I was out of my  Innisfree essence, I wanted to get a new essence and I won this one on an Ebay auction for only 14 EUR.Pretty good deal I would say. I must be honest and say I’ve never heard of this product before, so once I got it I wanted to use it asap!


But this contains galactomyces, so it must be good. My first try of a beauty product with this ingredient is from my eye cream and the results were there. This should be good too!

The packaging

This essence comes in a very pretty royal blue box.


Something that shocked me about this one is that this contains a little leaflet of the product, like some medication boxes.


It is written in Korean, Chinese and English. Tony Moly must be thinking internationally, which is much appreciated.


The serum comes in a frosted plastic bottle with a silver top, which you turn to open/close.


Something I really like on the bottle is that it’s dotted : I would say the big dots are for monthly marking and the smaller one’s for weekly markings. You can kinda get an idea how much is left, thanks to these dots on the side. But I can be wrong as well 🙂


The essence

First remark to take into consideration is that this is a “first essence” meaning, this should be used at the very beginning of your skincare routine. This helps with the next step of your routine, to have better absorption of the next product.

The version I have is also the “lite” version, meaning this is good for summer, or for people with oily skin. I don’t know about the regular version, so I can’t compare the two.

The texture of this is like water, it really is just like water. This is not scented at all.


2 tilts of the bottle is enough for the whole face.

Because it’s so watery, it can go a bit everyone, so be careful when you tilt the bottle to dispense the product.

On my skin

The way I use this first essence is that I would apply this after my serum. I would get some product on my palms and tap it on my face.

It really feels nice and fresh and after a couple of taps, it’s absorbed by the skin. This is not sticky at all, as I mentioned it really just feels like water.

You could probably use a cotton pad with this, but I rather use my hands to not waste any product.

This is supposed to help your get a nicer skin texture and of course a nicer glow. My skin did not react badly with this at all. My skin did feel nice afterwards and more clear.

It was also pretty easy to use, the next product in my skincare did not react at all to this one. No stickiness, no itchiness, no breakouts!


I have been using this for some months now, and it has partly helped me regenerate my skin after my bad skin journey

I am pretty happy I won this at a pretty good price. I think the regular price for this online is around 20 USD.

I’m guessing this is like a dupe of SKII, but I can’t say if the results are the same as I’ve never used the SKII skin treatment, it’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over my price limit. Maybe one day.


My experience was positive with this first treatment essence, but it’s not an essential part of my routine. Still pretty good, but you can skip this if you have a good essence. But if you are a beauty addict, well it’s really up to you 🙂

Once I’m back to my trusty Innisfree essence, I won’t be needing this anymore.

Have you used this before? Do you like products with galactomyces?

See you on the next post!




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