Jolse giveaway winner : review of Neulii Snail Bee anti-wrinkle serum

Hi everyone,

Yes May has been a very productive month, blogwise.

Today I would like to share with you all a review of Neulii Snail Bee Anti-wrinkle serum!


Last month Jolse had a special giveaway where they were looking to recruit 20 testers for Neulii serum.

I was lucky enough to be one of the winners! I got the snail bee anti-wrinkle serum. Yes since I am 30, I think it’s time to use preventive measures to keep this baby face. LOL

The snail bee is supposedly to help with wrinkle care, so I guess it’s perfect age wise.

The Packaging

The snail bee is the lime green line.


The directions are mentioned in English and Korean, so yay for people that don’t speak Korean like me!


The serum comes in a frosted transparent plastic bottle.

You can clearly see how much product is there, which is always a good point.

The serum

First of all, like their other serums, this is to be applied after you wash your face.


The serum is a clear gel, which is a bit viscous and slimy.

Once applied on the face, massage it and it’ll be completely absorbed after a minute or two.

Unlike the samples I got from Rose Rose shop, this serum does not smell bad. It doesn’t have that weird glue scent.

This serum is unscented which I appreciate a lot!

Something really good about this is that the expiration date is clearly mentioned on the bottle as well.


This has a pump dispenser so one pump or two is enough for the whole face.

How I use it

I have been using this for a week and did not see any bad reaction.

In the morning I take a pump or two to apply after washing my face.

My face absorbs the serum quite nicely and there is no sticky residue. I actually feel it plumps my face a bit.

It then leaves my face ready for the next part of my skincare. Unlike the other Neulii serums, this does not leave my skin tight or dry. This also does not give a matte look, it’s just dry and ready for the next product.

For the wrinkle, I can’t really say if it helped as I don’t have wrinkles yet.*** knocks on wood*** Hopefully they’ll only come when I’m really old and can’t type anymore lol.

To see actual effect I guess I need to use it for a month at least, but by then the submission of this post would be too late TT__TT

At night I apply it before my toner and it’s a bit sticky since I don’t wash my face with a facial cleanser. It takes a bit longer to be absorbed but it’s still ok.


Neulii has pretty good serums.

This is now the 3rd serum I have tried from this brand and no bad reaction whatsover.

This did not break me out, no rashes or redness when I use this.

I also really like the fact that this serum doesn’t smell like glue or any other strong artificial scent.


One bottle contains 100ml so this should last you for 3 to 4 month and the price is also ok. It’s less than 15USD$ right now on Jolse, if you would like to try it out.

You have other stores selling this very new brand, but I think Jolse is the cheapest right now. Plus shipping is free!

Would I pay for this? I would say yes, but not for now as I still have some other serums waiting to be used.

Let’s see in a month’s time if my skin still likes this 😄


2 thoughts on “Jolse giveaway winner : review of Neulii Snail Bee anti-wrinkle serum

  1. Woaaah swerte mo talaga sa giveaways. Haha! May concentration ba sa description? I used to be obsessed with snail products. 80-92% concentration is good for healing acne. Nakaplano na. I’ll use them in my 30s for wrinkles naman. Hehe. I’ll try this brand. Good thing it’s not sticky. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lol hinde naman! Pero it’s always nice kapag nananalo ako ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

      Wala nakasulat sa concentration eh ๐Ÿ˜‘ nakasulat lang ang ingredients, pero ilan ilan lang din.
      Yes try mo siya, maybe kung may makuha kang samples muna para macheck mo anong mas type mo โ˜บ

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