Review Liese Prettia honey beige hair bubble

Omg what another post? Yes another post and today it’s for a hair dye.

This is for Liese prettia hair bubble dye in honey beige.


I have used Prettia in the past and the results were always excellent.

I’ve never tried this shade though so I was excited to see how it would turn out.

I bought this box on Ebay, actually it was on auction and I paid 10€. Good deal!

The box

I got my box directly from Japan, so there is no explanation in English.


Here is the content of the box.


You get :

– bottle 1 for the coloring
– bottle 2 for the coloring
– the pump
– hair treatment sachet
– instructions with latex gloves

How to use it

First of all, you need to brush your hair so it’s easier to apply.

I was always advised to dye “dirty hair” so I didn’t wash my hair for 3 days to have the natural oils come out.

You can wear an old t-shirt you can get dirty, but with Prettia the mousse doesn’t drip so it’s not that necessary to have extra protection!

How do you prepare the product?


You need to put the contents of bottle 1 into bottle 2 and put the pump cover.

Now it’s very important not to shake the bottle. To mix the liquid you need to take the bottle and turn it upside down 7 times and that’s it.

Then it’s done, you can now push on the bottle and the foam will come out evenly.

Depending on the color you get, the mousse color can differ.


I apply the mousse all over and let it rest for 30 minutes.

You can of course clean the excess, it’s easy to wipe of. You don’t need to worry of weird stains on your skin.

See how the mousse stays in mousse form even after 30 minutes.

Here is a video tutorial as well for reference.

I used the whole bottle for my hair, which is medium thick and shoulder lenght.

I should also mentioned that this is an upgraded version of Prettia’s hair bubble dye. You’ll notice that it doesn’t smell as bad as it used to. Before, if you apply this inside in a small room with no ventilation, it smelled pretty bad. Now it smells “toxic” the first minutes and then it’s gone, you’ll notice a flowery scent!

The result

After 30 minutes, I rinsed my hair with lukewarm water and towel dried my hair. I could already see that my hair changed color.

Another improvement from the last version, your hair already feels soft after rinsing. The hair definitely does not feel like wire or dried out.

I then applied the hair treatment that came with the box.


It’s a thick cream that smells of flowers. It just smells wonderful. I wonder if they sell this treatment in a full size bottle and under which name. It’s just so magical.

I then leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, like a hair mask.

Then it’s time to rinse again. My hair just feels wonderful to the touch afterwards.

Here are the initial results, after blow drying my hair.


Sorry it was night time so I could only take indoor pictures with crappy lighting.

Well if I compare the color to the box, it’s definitely not the same . But then again, that’s the color if you have lighter hair color.

The honey brown turned out into a redish kind of brown, which makes it look like I’m even more tanned.

You can definitely see that my hair is no longer black.


The next day, I took pictures of my hair under daylight and here is what it looks like.

My hair is now brown and I really like the color. I also like the fact that the shade looks pretty natural, the change is subtle but noticeable.

Did it last?

Bubble hair dye is a permanent color, so the color should stay until I cut my hair.


This was my hair on the second day. Ok you can’t really see the color because the sun was hiding, but my hair was definitely no longer black.


After 3 weeks, I would say that the color is still nice and did not die out. I even feel that after using this hair dye, my hait became more manageable and soft. Is that even possible?


Prettia is still the best bubble hair dye for Asian black hair.
I didn’t even have to bleach my hair, which is something I should have done if I wanted to dye my hair with European hair dye.


Prettia Liese hair bubble dye is the best hair dye I have ever tried :
♡ can dye virgin black hair
♡ shades availables gives a natural color shade
♡ the improved version no longer smells toxic, even when applied in a closed room. It now smells of flower
♡ hair feels soft after rinsing the color
♡ the hair treatment is all kinds of win : smells deliciously good and hair is even softer than before
♡ the mousse texture is consistent so it doesn’t melt or drip after 30 minutes
♡ a bottle is good for mid lenght hair even for thick hair.
♡ price is very reasonable, around 12~ 15 USD per box
♡ stains on the skin can be easily wiped off
♡ does not dry hair, it even improved the texture of my hair

The bad:
♢ the result will differ depending on the hair texture and if your hair was died before
♢ only available in Asia


I really love my hair color, even if it makes me look more tanned. I don’t care☺. When the sun shines like today, the color is even more noticeable. It’s just so pretty!

If you want to try a hair dye that actually works on black Asian hair, try this one. You won’t regret it!

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