Review Banila Co CC whitening moisturizing color control base


Hey everyone!


Oh wow older now but I don’t think I’ve changed much, still love to blog and share my experiences.

Today I would like to share with you all my review of Banila Co CC whitening moisturizing color control base.




I discovered this product back in 2013, on my first trip to Seoul. I ‘m not much a BB cream user as I find that the colors are too light for my complexion.

So when I discovered CC cream, I loved it. The Banila Co CC cream was my very first, which introduced me to this!

I’m not a fan of GG, so  seeing Jessica before was off putting, but I’m glad I tried it out.

The packaging

This CC cream comes in a white box with touches of pink here and there.


You have writing in Korean and just a little bit of English.

The CC cream comes in a white tube, with the same simple design as the box.


Under the cap, there is a pump, to pump out the product.

The CC cream

So what is a CC cream anyway? In short, it’s a color correcting cream, to even out your complexion. It also is a moisturizer, a primer and a whitening cream. and also has a SPF 30PA++. YES all of that rolled into one!

This CC cream is pinkish beige, but once applied, it’s a bright skin colored cream. On my face, it’s a shade lighter, but still quite natural.

This is scented, but it’s a nice scent, a bit like flowery powder.


The cream is rich and thick, but can be easily spread on the face. I feel, because it is so rich, you can skip the moisturizer as the CC cream has more than enough to moisturize your face.

If also feels quite fresh on the face and is not heavy.

On my face

When I first used it, back in summer 2013, it stayed on my face quite nicely, but after a couple of hours, my face would become oily.

I stopped using it, for a while, and back in winter 2015 I found I still had a bottle so I started using it again.

My skin has changed a lot since 2013 and the result was completely different.

It was winter time, temperature was always below 10°C and whenever I would use this cream, my face didn’t become oily as fast as before.

It would look nice but my forehead would become oily and sticky after a couple of hours. In winter time, when I used this , my forehead wasn’t as oily anymore and no more stickiness.

This did cause me some pimples sometimes, if I left it on for too long. But I think that’s because my face was so oily and sticky, more dirt would come and stick to my face.

As someone with oily skin, this CC cream is good to use in the winter time, but for summer, this would be too much, unles you don’t mind doing retouch every hour.


Would I recommend this CC cream? I would and I did to some people already.

This  CC cream does whiten/brightens your complexion when applied. It also does give you a good base, and just a nice blank canvas for perfect looking skin.

It’s also very moisturizing so you don’t need to apply another moisturizer. In winter time, this is a good cream!


A bottle contains only 30ml, you should finish a cream in around 3-4 months if used every day.


The bad about this CC cream is that it is a bit more expensive, I paid 25,000 Won at the time.

This does not control sebum, it can make your skin “shine” after a couple of hours, if you have oily skin like I do. Specially in the summertime.

Would I buy this again? Possibly, but now I would only use it in winter. For summer it’s kind of a waste for me because I sweat so much and I would get even more pimples.

I understand why people love this product, but I don’t feel it’s a essential product anymore. I still prefer CC creams to BB creams as I find the finish more natural, and it’s easier to apply.

Have you tried CC creams? Do you have a favorite?

See you on the next post.





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