Review NYX Soft matte lip cream in 07 Addis Ababa

It’s Friday 13th!!!! Fear that black cat, do go near ladder and don’t break any mirrors. Just stay home and watch neverending horror movies.

Or you can come and read my latest review, and behold, it’s for NYX’s soft matte lip cream.


NYX is not a brand available in Belgium yet, but they do have an IG account and back at the beginning of the year, they had this giveaway, and I was one of the lucky  winners.

In the package, there was 6 full size items where I got this soft matte lip cream.

I have never used this brand before, all I know is that it’s a pretty cheap  brand and a love of people rave about it.

Let’s see if I’ll be a fan of this brand as well.

The packaging

This lip cream comes in a tube with wrapped in plastic. There is no box. All the information can be found on the tube.


The ingredients are written in English and French. You also have the name of the product in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and even in Japanese!

Some other things mention on the tube is

  •  this was made in China, but distributed by NYX USA
  • the tube is recyclable
  • once opened, you can keep it for 18 months
  • its cruelty free


The lip cream

When you open this lip cream, you will first notice the scent.It has a strong smell of vanilla, so it’s pretty sweet, like candy.

The second thing you notice is the texture of this lip cream : it has a mousse texture, so it looks pretty light. Once you start spreading it, it turns into this light creamy texture.


The Addis Ababa is a pretty striking fushia pink color. It’s easily applied on the lip.The wand is long enough to apply easily on the lips. The tip of the wand is angled so you can apply the lip cream even on the smallest corner of your mouth.

This lip cream gives a matte lip finish, so it can look like you have dried up and cracked lips.

This  has  regular staying power of around 4 hours, if you don’t eat or drink anything. Otherwise, it fades easily and then your lips look a bit weird.


This lip cream from NYX is not my thing at all : I don’t like the sweet scent of Vanilla. I actually hate vanilla scented anything. For me vanilla is only good for baking cakes… sorry

I also do not like the matte look, I just think it looks awful on me.

As soon as I tried using this lip cream, I thought of my Etude House Rosy tint lips

I did like the mousse like texture of this lip cream and it’s easiness to apply, but this shade is too bold for me.

I also got a second bottle but in the shade Zurich 14 and again, this did not look good on me. Again, this was not a shade for me.

Sorry NYX, I wasn’t converted by this.

I think people who love the matte look will love this more, specially for people who like bold lips. NYX is perfect for people who love Instagram make up looks I would say. This didn’t speak to me as much, as I prefer the simple Japanese/Korean makeup look.

NYX soft matte lip cream gets the Friday 13th bad luck from me. Maybe I can use it as a blush or eyeshadow 🙂 Still glad I got this for free and I was able to try it.

I don’t know the price range of this once it’ll be available in Belgium, but from other neighbouring countries this is priced at around 8 EUR in the Netherlands for example.

Do you like the matte look? Do you like NYX or do you recommend anything from this brand?


See you next time!



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