Review Dear Klairs supple preparation facial toner

OMG it’s the last day of the month already!

Where did the time go?

Well today there was a big strike movement here in Belgium, so I couldn’t get to work today… meaning more time to blog!

Today I would like to share with you all my experience with Dear Klairs supple preparation facial toner.


Today I would like to share with you a toner I have been using these last two months. It’s Dear Klairs facial toner.

If you’ve never heard of Dear Klairs, this is a Korean brand specialized in sensitive skin skincare. I discovered this brand on Wishtrend. I bought mine back at the end of last year, when there was a black Friday sale.

I bought this toner at 15 USD, when this was first released, as this is an upgraded version of their toner. I never tried the first version so I won’t be able to do a comparison unfortunately.

The packaging

This toner comes in a brown cardboard box : the packaging is very simple and you have the explanation of the product in English and Korean.


Dear Klairs is owned by Wishcompany Inc , so I’m guessing this is part of Wishtrend, which explains the exclusivity of the product.


Did you notice the little typo they made? It says “Sensetive” but it’s ok you can still understand 🙂

Do note that on the box it says that their products are available in the USA, France, Spain, Hong Kong,  Taiwan and Malaysia. Has anyone of you ever found these products in any of these countries?


This toner contains 180 ml and when I got the bottle it wasn’t full, but that is quite normal.

The toner is a brown plastic bottle, but it kinda looks like a glass bottle. Pretty neat right? You have this yellow sticker which explains the same thing as on the box. It mentions how to use the product and the ingredients in English and Korean.

You can also find the manufacturing date and expiration date on the side. You know exactly if your product is still fresh! Mine was manufactured on 2015.11.25 and expires on 2018.11.25.

The toner

This toner has a watery texture, yet is a bit jelly like. This is also scented, like their Midnight blue cream.

It has that flowery, lavender scent but is not as strong as the cream, so this shouldn’t hurt the ones with a very sensitive nose.


As you can see on my swatch, this is very watery and runny so it’s easily spreadable. It will be moist at first, then once you tap the product onto your face, your skin will be dry and not sticky at all.

The opening of the bottle is a little hole, you just need to pour it once or twice and it’s enough for the whole face.

This toner claims that it balances the ph level, that it cleanses and soothes the skin, it contains phyto-oligo and provides deep moisturizing effect.

You can use this with a cotton pad, and that will help you clean your face. Or you can just use it directly with your hands, which is what I do.

The way I use it is that I pour the toner on the palm of my hand, warm it up a bit with my hands and I massage it onto my face. I then tap the remaining on my cheeks and let it dry a bit and voila!

I do use this mostly at night as I like the moisture it gives my skin. I apply heavier product at night than during the daytime. And when I get very lazy, I just apply this toner after washing my face in the morning. The moisturizing effect of this toner is just wonderful!

I even dab some on the parts of my face where it’s dry, like around my mouth and it does the trick.

Even though I have oily skin, this does not make my skin produce even more sebum. I also did not have any bad reaction to it, so no pimples or redness.


I first started using this product a bit before my Hong Kong holiday, and I even brought it with me. I did not regret taking it.

This toner just feels really good on the skin, and I really like the moisturizing effect. For my oily skin, I could actually stop my routine with this toner and I’m good!

Pro’s :

  • moisturizing toner
  • did not break me out
  • feels nice and fresh on the face
  • nice scent which fades away after application
  • watery texture which is easy to spread on the skin
  • even though the bottle is colored, you can see how much is left

Con’s :

  • only found on Wishtrend, hard to find online
  • the opening can be a bit clumsy to use, if you pour too much
  • can take a bit of time to apply and massage if you pour the toner directly onto your hands



Would I buy this again? I would say definitely!!! If you need extra moisture, this one is for you. If you want a simple skincare where you don’t have to use too many product, this toner is for you as well. I would imagine that this product is also suited for dry and normal skin as well.

You can get this on Wishtrend for 21.99 USD  Unfortunately this is no longer part of their “Free Shipping” deal, let’s cross our fingers this will be part of a special sale in the near future again 🙂

Have you ever used anything from Dear Klairs? What did you think about it?


See you next time!

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