Review Mirum crosel sheet fresh fruit acai berry real nature mask pack

Hey everyone,

It’s 1st June, another month has now started and we are getting closer to summer.

Before all that I would like to share a mask review, for Mirum real nature mask pack.


This is a mask I got for review from Skin18.
Skin 18 is a Hong Kong based store who mainly offer sheet mask for all you sheet mask lover.

This is still quite a new store store, but they are already offering bloggers the chance to try their products for free. In return, you get a couple of masks where you need to write a review. It’s pretty nice of them right?

Anyway, I will talk about Skin18 in more detail in a future post ☺

The packaging

This sheet mask is from a Korean brand called “Mirum”, from Sooin Cosmetics. I honestly never heard of them so I can’t say much.

Like all masks in the market, this comes in a aluminium envelop.

It’s a white envelop with an acai berry picture. All the writing is in Korean.

On the back it shows how to use it : this sheet mask it to use for 15-20 minutes. The expiration date is also mentioned on the back.

The mask

Once you open the envelop, you’ll see the sheet mask folded.

You’ll also notice that the essence contained in this mask is not liquid or creamy. It’s actually jelly like, like aloe vera!

This sheet mask is also quite thick, maybe the thickest I ever seen for a mask! It also has a scent, a bit like aloe and then a bit of berry. But it’s not sweet .

On my face

This mask was pretty easy to apply on my face : the holes for my eyes, nose and mouth weren’t awkward. The mask is also long on the side, so the size is quite okay.

It stung a bit for a couple of seconds, then it was fine. I did have a bit of a hard time keeping the side stuck to my face.

Bit by bit the sides no longer stuck to my face and this mask dried out quite quickly.

Because this was soaked in a gel like essence, and the sheet being quite thick, I think these are the reasons why the mask didn’t stay on the face long. I only left mine for 15 mins, but if I left it a bit longer, I think the mask would have dried out completely.

Once I removed the mask, I still had some part that had the jelly essence so I massaged it.

My skin was not sticky and I did not get any bad reaction, which is always good!


Would I buy this? I would say no.

This mask sheet is way too thick, and the essence used is jelly : these two didn’t combine well.

If they had used a hydrogel, I think it would have been better.

But the jelly like essence was quite refreshing and no dripping essence. But yeah it dried out pretty quickly.

If you want to try out this sheet mask, you can get it here.

Thanks Skin18 for this mask.

*** note : this is a sponsored product, but the review is honest and based on my personal result and preference***

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