Review Royal skin the animalian mask sheep

Hey everyone,

So today I would like to share with you all my second review for another sheetmask from Skin18.

Today it’s for Royal Skin The animalian mask sheep!


Oh yesh, it’s an animal mask so I’m sure this one has an animal design.

Royal Skin is a Korean brand which I have never heard from before. This is from the company called Junmok International.

Let’s see…

The packaging

This sheet mask comes in a aluminium envelop again. This one is completely green with a drawing of a sheep.


On the back, you have the instruction and ingredients in Korean and English.

This sheet mask is to be left on the face for 10 to 15 minutes.

I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to provide, but on the mask it does say “happy hour with royal skin character mask skin is made so moist and active”… so I guess this brings moisture(?).

The mask

Once you open, a citrusy smell comes out of the package. It really has a strong scent.

After opening the envelop, this is what you see. The sheet is not white, it’s brownish.


So yes, I was right this is one of those playful mask which has a design on it.

This one is a sheep, but I kinda feel it looks more like a monkey.

The holes for the eyes and mouth are okay. This mask is longer on the top and lower part. I would have wished there were slits on the side, so that the sheet would fit better.


I think the cute nose detail and pink cheeks makes this mask look cute. But the mouth does make it look I have a mustache Dali style. LOL

This sheet is soaked in a watery essence so this mask was easy to apply and it stay put during the whole 15 minutes.

On my face

First thing, the scent is stong , you can still smell it once it’s on your face.

This mask also stung just a tiny bit on my face, but nothing to worry about.

After 15 minutes, I removed the mask and the mask still had a lot of essence. Like usual, I applied the remaining on my limbs. Let’s not waste any of this essence!


I massaged the essence left on my face, and took a while to be absorbed since so much was left on my face.

This did not leave my face sticky so it’s pretty good. My sister even told me my skin looked really good and glowy! Ooh I like that!

The thickness of the mask is just right : not too thick and not too thin. It felt quite comfortable to wear.


This Royal Skin is a pretty good mask.

I definitely feel this gave extra moisture and made my skin glow!

Pro’s :

– cute playful design
– okay fit for the eyes and mouth
– mask is full of essence
– does not leave a sticky finish
– provides glowy skin
– no bad reaction to this mask
– sheet mask material comfortable


– the citrusy scent can be disturbing for people who have sensitive nose
– it would have been nice for extra slits on the lower part of the mask for a better fit
– the sheep design can look a bit like a monkey (lol)

If you are looking to try a fun looking mask that provides glow to your skin, you should try this Royal Skin the animalian sheep mask.

You can get it here from Skin18.

Have you tried any animal shaped mask before? Have you tried this brand?

See you next time!

*** note : this is a sponsored product, but the review is honest and based on my personal result and preference***

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