Unboxing jolse order

Hey everyone,

How’s June been treating you?

Do you feel summer coming already?

Well for me, I have no holiday plans yet but let’s see what summer will bring.

Today I would like to share my recent order from Jolse!


Well for all you Jolse lovers, you know that if you get something from “Bae” it can only be good!


As usual, the order was sent in a sturdy box and the actual value was not mentioned. This was masked as gift with a value of 7 USD.

The content

First let’s start with the samples. Jolse is always as generous and these are the samples provided with my order.


I received 7 samples and a pack of blotting oil as usual ☺. Most of the samples are from Tony Moly.

And my order?











Tadah it’s Gudetama products from Holika Holika!


Yes I couldn’t resist! Jolse was the first online store I found that offered these items.

I had to order and opted for the peeling gel , a cleansing oil and the blush!


Did you notice all the cute design?
For the blush, the sticker is designed like bacon?!?
The instructions for the peeling gel is also in the shape of an egg.

I just love how everything is designed and thought over! Well done Sanrio×Holika Holika

On all of the items, you can find a Sanrio Korea stickers to confirm these are original items.
There is also the expiration date mentions on each items.


Very satisfied with my order! The prices were also very reasonable since it cost from 10 to 17 USD per product, plus shipping is free!


I know Holika Holika products won’t disappoint!

So if you are looking to get your hands on these Gudetama beauty products, do try Jolse’s services.

Do hurry as this is another limited edition version!

드디어 오늘! 다들 목빠지게 기다리던 홀리카 홀리카 구데타마 콜라보 제품을 공개할게! 언니들, 이제 게을러도 괜찮아! _ LAZY & EAZY 의욕없고 게으른 구데타마가 단계별로 소개하는 쉽고 간편한 홀리카 홀리카 취향저격 화장품! 홀리카홀리카 ’게을러도 괜찮아’ 에디션이 드디어 출시되었어! _ 게을러도 이슈템은 다 써보고 싶은 초기 게으름 언니들도, 복잡한건 질색! 간단하게 예뻐지고 싶은 중기 게으름 언니들도, 귀차니즘의 완결판, 아무것도 하기 싫은 말기 게으름 언니들도 홀리카홀리카와 함께라면 게을러도 괜찮아! _ #홀리카홀리카 #구데타마 #구데타마콜라보 #구데타마화장품 #홀리카홀리카X구데타마 #뷰스타그램 #화장품그램 #HolikaHolika #惑丽客惑丽客#ホリカホリカ#蛋黄哥 #gudetama #ぐでたま

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See you on the next post.


3 thoughts on “Unboxing jolse order

  1. Hoooow mais j’adore !!! Cette marque je l’a connais très mal mais ça a l’air tellement bien ! ❤❤❤😍😍😍 hiujiii ! Je veux je veuuuuux ! ❤❤❤😍

    • Oui!!!!! Gudetam est trop minouche. Si tu ne connais pas Holika Holika essaye leur eyeliner, les jewel light. Ca reste super longtemps et tu as bcp de choix pour les couleurs! Ou sinon leur 3sec starter, la version hyaluronic acid. Après ca je suis sur tu va aimer. Leur produit ne sont pas trop couteux non plus, qui est tjs bien 😄

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