Review Nature Republic Natural butter lip balm in 03 grapefruit

Hey everyone,

Today I will be sharing a fandom related beauty product! Because it’s EXO’s comeback today!!!oh yesh my fangirl side is very excited.

To celebrate this here is my review of EXO latest collaboration with Nature Republic, their natural butter lip balm in 03 grapefruit.


Ooh yes, if you didn’t know I’m EXO-L and my bias is cute killer eyes D.O.

So when I saw this new collab a couple of months ago, I went online and quickly looked for a good deal. I bought this lip balm with the matching hand cream for less than 20USD on Ebay.

Today I will be showing you the lip balm.

The packaging

As a fan, the first thing I loved about this is the design.


The D.O. character is the same as the character from SM goods. It’s super cute and the ear part sticks out of the box. I think it’s funny that they decided to characterize D.O. as a handy man. You definitely know it’s him because of the heart shaped lips.


You have the ingredients written in English and Korean on the sides, which is always good.

Outside the box, here is what it looks like.


The D.O. character is still there with a drawing of the grapefruit next to it.

The color

This lip balm comes in a bullet packaging : you have to turn it clockwise to make the bullet go up.


It is color coral/orange and has a strong scent of grapefruit.

I first thought I would hate this, but it’s pretty nice.

See on my hand as the color is a warm orange. On my lips this is what it looks.


It’s a bit pinkish and gives a nice fresh color on the lips. But if apply a thicker coat, it can become much more orange.

It does give a nice moisturizing coat on the lips. But like all lip balm, this goes away after 3-4 hours. It goes away even faster if you eat or drink.

I’ve been using this every morning for the past month. and I really like the fresh color is gives my lips!


As a fan, this is a must have plus you can get one with your fave member.

There are several shades and scent available : you can choose from strawberry, cherry, lime and mango and of course grapefruit.


This is the second lip product collab with Nature Republic, the first one being the lip tint in pots

I did like the lip tint pots as they stayed on for long time. But I must say I prefer this lipbalm just because it is easier to apply.

Even if you are not an EXO fan, this is still a nice lipbalm as this gives you color with moisturizing effect.

I don’t regret buying this and if they have another collab with Nature Republic, I’m sure I’ll buy it again.

Do you like colored lip balm? What is your fave and are you excited about EXO’s comeback? I know I am ☺

Are you For Monster?

… or Lucky one?

Can’t decide yet.

See you on the next post

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